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The Pro Controller U really appears to be a wonderful deal at first glance. It's a controller that functions with the Wii, Wii U, and can even be paired to Android devices via Bluetooth. However, there are quite a few issues with this controller, one of which is a clear sign of sleazy advertisement.

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iGAM3R-VIII1868d ago

too many buttons in weird places IMO, I will probably have to feel it to see the size and fit but seems kinda odd

kirbyu1868d ago

Just use the Gamepad or Wii remotes.

Dlacy13g1868d ago

This review reminds me of one of the biggest issues with the WiiU that I have, and that is this 2nd "pro" controller option. From Day 1 Nintendo has totally made a mess of the WiiU but no larger area did the mess up with than that of the controller.

The Gamepad should be the one and only device Nintendo should ever be promoting with the WiiU. Ditch the Wii Nunchuck only confuses people as to what system it is. Wii Nunchuck was the Wii, the Wii was last gen so let it die the death it deserves. Ditch the WiiU pro controller idea too. The WiiU gamepad has all the buttons and triggers a pro controller has plus it has the screen and thus ensures every gamer will experience every game as it should be played with the WiiU Gamepad.

kirbyu1868d ago

Why does everyone hate the Wii so much? It has a ton of good games.

Dlacy13g1868d ago

sorry... I suppose the "let it die the death it deserves" comment was a tad harsh. I don't have any issue with the Wii. Nintendo though has already stated they are no longer supporting the Wii so in essence its a dead device to them.

Krew_921868d ago

The shovelware far outweighs the good games though.

NBT911868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

It really doesn't. I have one and even I can't really justify that statement yet.
I do love my Lego City though. =D

EDIT - thought I read "Wii U". I agree the WII has a lot of good games, yeah. Now if you would be so kind as to disagree and bubble down me for being a fool and misreading your comment, that would be great.

NBT911868d ago

Nintendo do push people to use the gamepad, its only a problem in mutliplayer games from what I can tell... Then again I have only got like three games for it. I don't know if it will be a problem in the future, but for now and for me, its not really.

jcnba281868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Developers forced Nintendo to make the pro controller to cater the people who just want traditional controls. If there was no pro controller people would be complaining about how the Wii U doesn't have traditional controls. Man would you people give Nintendo a break.

Neonridr1868d ago

Ever played a FPS with the remote and nunchuck? Way more accurate than playing with an analog stick. Sure it's more "comfortable" to use the pro controller becuase most of us have used regular analog style controllers going back to the N64.

I did a lot of gaming on my PC and I love the keyboard mouse combo, and the Wii remote and Nunchuck is the closest thing you can get to that..

3-4-51868d ago every game has to be single player ?

You know you can't be a second touch controller separately right ?

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4lc4pon31868d ago

lame hardware specs
childish games
Sensor bar was very inaccurate
did not play dvd's
The Wii was not even in HD

May I go on. Honestly the Wii and WiiU is a joke to the gaming industry but thats my opinion. I said it before its a childs toy not a gaming console.

lilbroRx1868d ago

It got around 1/4 the performance of the PS3/360 at 1/10th the power cost. Nothing lame about that.

Too my knowledge, there were no inaccuracies with the sensor bar at. There were some precision issues with the Wii-mote itself before motion plus but it was mostly user error when they did not function properly.

The Wii did play dvds, just not standard video which it had no reason to have. Everyone has multiple ways to play DVDs these days. Why wear out your Wii laser for it? Netflix was good enough.

The PS3/360 also had childish games.

The Wii was also stated by ATI themsleves to be able to output up to 1080p but Nintendo firmware locked it.

CEOSteveBallmer1868d ago

Im not good at math and not bashing nintendo Wii-U but you got to admit, The graphics maybe a little better than a PS3/360 but it will not achieve PS4/720 graphics. The Wii-U graphics is still in Current gen category. We are talking about graphics ok not other criteria so no inserting of games and other stuff. Nintendo likes to play it safe because the last 2 gen where they fought head to head with graphics like N64 and gamecube, they didnt have so much success. But when they started with slightly improving graphics like Wii and had success, its just common sense to them to go this route even though its a gen behind but its cheaper to make. But its a double edged sword since most 3rd party companies will not dumb down games like watch dogs, Assassins creed IV to Wii-U because its time consuming to recode a game and expensive. Like what happened to Wii. theres no FFXIII, GTAIV, Assassins creed series, Battlefield, crysis, Resident evil 5,6 and so many hit multiplats. It will happen again this gen and mind you, the casuals who made them successful with the Wii, they are now moving on to smartphones and tablets for gaming so they cannot count on them for the second time.

jcnba281868d ago

I laugh out loud at the people who say "it's a child's toy". So does your ps3 make you feel like a man? lol The only child here is you.