Is Sony Racing into Trouble with DriveClub on the PS4?

Push Square: "A console launch wouldn’t be complete without a racer to highlight the hardware’s technical strides. DriveClub, a new team-based vehicular experiment from MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, represents the PlayStation 4’s first foray into the high-octane arena of next generation motorsport. But while the social endeavour sounds intriguing, is Sony steering into trouble with the release?"

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jerethdagryphon1871d ago

what people dont realize is those very nice detailed cars can be coopeted by polyphony for next gt game

Kennytaur1871d ago

Oh, PD most likely has a good database already. I'm sure they have even higher quality assets from the work they did with premium cars in GT5 then what's in the game. And I'm sure they've kept busy since then.

But it could be a shared database since they're both first-party.

MaxXAttaxX1870d ago

Kazunori Yamauchi said that the premium GT5 car models were next-gen ready. And it makes sense. All the geometry is there.

Ritsujun1870d ago

My sexy hands are ready for Driveclub and GT6:P.

sikbeta1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


There is no evidence about that, in fact DC game director hinted that they don't talk to PD in any way, so...

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Saigon1869d ago

@sikbeta you really think Sony is that stupid enough to do something like that. naughty dog use to share information with Insomniac and Insomniac use to share information with other Sony companies and Insomniac is considered a 3rd party studio. Why would they do that. but you are telling me they won't share information with the 1st party studios. If that is the case, it is bad business practice. Oh and byt the way since Sony owns the 1st Party Studios they own the digital rights to everything that is created.

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delboy1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

A don't know if it was a early alpha code, but that demo I saw didn't even had tessellation.
Pretty disappointing for next generation.
And another big flaw of that game it's online only, like warhawk.
What will happen with it when gamers move away to another game, which they will do sooner than later.

BanBrother1871d ago

Yes but the developers said that they are adding in tesselation lol. What was shown at the conference was just a taste. They basically said they are adding in a lot of features that were previously only seen on PC.

porkChop1871d ago

Online only? Who ever said that? I know it has a strong online structure, and lots of social features, but I don't remember anyone saying it was online only.

jerethdagryphon1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

um gpu tricsk like tellelation and stuff are great for enhancing terrain and stuff but its just subdivision based on color and location and a hightdisplacment map cars dont really need that they can be moddeled entirly with geometry and then all the gpu and ram can be used in lighting and textures

Muerte24941870d ago

of people will argue with you about warhawk "online only" being a bad thing. It didn't need a single player. It was the best ps3 downloadable game ever purchased by me.

KwietStorm1870d ago

A big flaw? I would say Warhawk says hi, but..

FamilyGuy1870d ago

Warhawk servers are still up and very active so I don't see the problem. These online only games are usually cheaper to buy and on ps4 it'll be like an mmo.

Boody-Bandit1870d ago

delboy I still play Forza 4 and GT5. I also have a couple people on my friends list that were still playing Warhawk until the new one was released. What again were you getting at?

When a hardcore fan of a specific genre likes a game they will stick with it until a sequel or better game in that genre is released. I am headed to my gaming room right now to play some GT5.

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b_one1870d ago

all those details about cars, how seats look like, car keys etc... it is far beyond GT i think.

Zefros1871d ago

Only time will tell. The game looks promising.

IRetrouk1871d ago

Its the first game on my list for the ps4, it reminds me of pgr, which in my opinion is the best arcade racer you can get. I think it will sell well, just like the original motorstorm did.

Kurt Russell1870d ago

Metropolitan street racer! :D

fei-hung1870d ago

oddly enough, originally when pgr was released on the Dreamcast, it was called Metropolis Street Racer

IRetrouk1870d ago

You are right lol loved that game too, thats why im looking forward to dc so much, cant wait.

abzdine1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

this article doesn't make too much sense.. Evolution Studios nailed it last gen with Motorstorm and they are allowed to try something else.
i'm highly excited for this game especially for its social features which look at sound very promising, and those badass graphics!

nosferatuzodd1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

indeed well said Motorstorm was and still is my fav racing game up to this day dont get me wrong i live for Gran Turismo but motorstorm is just that game. Sony wouldn't tell gt to step back unless evolution studio can pull it off plus its one more exclusive to help fight forza here some bubbles for that one.

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