AMD HD 7990 Reportedly Launching On 22nd April

A recent bit reports that the dual-GPU flagship by AMD is set to hit retail on 22nd April 2013.

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kikoano1839d ago

lets see if it better than titan

SnakeCQC1839d ago

a company already released a version of this and it was stronger than the titan(so was the gtx 690). The important thing to remember iis the titan is a single gpu card while 7990 and gtx 690 are dual.

1839d ago
SnakeCQC1839d ago

it would add around £800 to the price and the point of consoles is to have one configuration that the devs can squeeze as much performance as possible out of

TheKayle11839d ago

this is a dual chip titan is single chip ....clearly this is better than a titan

Dazel1839d ago

What and charge £1500 for the ps4, lol.

ExCest1839d ago

Not to mention bottleneck it. It's raw power without control and support. It's a tank without his buffer and cleric.

neogeo1839d ago

AMD has really gotten good with crossfire. I have a CF setup and the support is really amazing. I have had no problems for over 2 years now.

Punch-o1839d ago

My next Gpu i'm ready for this beast.

ATi_Elite1839d ago

Running a HD7970 CFX set-up and I seriously punch the lights out of every game, Ultra 60fps 1080p.

glad AMD took it's time to make a proper HD7990 and not that rush job from powercolor.

ATi_Elite1838d ago

$400 a piece but I sold my old cards so I only ended paying like $200 a piece.