Dark Souls II Director: No Intent To Make The Game Easier

Yui Tanimura, one of the directors on Dark Souls II, spoke with Siliconera about the character you play as, the game's difficulty, and filling Hidetaka Miyazaki's shoes.

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Saleem1011957d ago

I hope there is ps4 version.

guitarded771957d ago

All I really want is an offline mode so I can pause and take a dump. Adult diapers get expensive.

greatcrusader441957d ago

You can always just quit the game, since it loads you back to where you were when you quit. Just advice, not making excuses for the game.

I understand why you can't pause when your in online mode, but I don't see the problem of being able to pause when your offline.

guitarded771957d ago

Yeah, the real problem is that I'm a smoker, and go outside to smoke. So it really becomes problematic to leave and have someone invade my game and kill me while I'm gone. I'm like "Yea!!! I got my soul back", then I'm like "But now I can't just leave my game sitting idle" :/ Such a simple addition as pause in offline mode would be great.

Linsolv1957d ago

It's a tonal decision on the part of the designers.

ziggurcat1957d ago

there's no real need to pause if you're playing offline... just clear the immediate area of enemies and stand in a safe area. problem solved.

silver350z941957d ago

Good i love the difficulty even if i hate it at the same time!
I remember buying demon souls on halloween!
Yes halloween made the game so hard and I couldnt get past1-1 for a week