Gamesradar- Dark Souls 2 Preview

GR:Ever since its announcement, Dark Souls II has generated both excitement and concern from gamers with a thing for punishment. On the one hand, it promises to be another excruciating adventure, one where persistence and bravery are met time and time again with brutal demise and, ultimately, an overwhelming sense of achievement. On the other hand, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the Souls’ series director, has moved on to a mostly hands-off supervisory role. Now that Dark Souls II is under new creative leadership, many fear it’ll lose what made its predecessors so special.

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Irishguy951921d ago

The doubt behidn this game was baffling, are people aware Uncharted 3 was developed by not even half the people who made 2? Why can't people just place a little trust in a developer who had to balls to make games like the souls series in the first place.