Rumor: Official Wii Remote rechargeable battery on the horizon

Does everyone hate changing the batteries in their Wii Remotes as much as I do? They always seem to be low. Always. Fear not, battery dependent masses, for it looks like Nintendo is considering selling an official Wii Remote rechargeable battery station!

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Snookies121923d ago

Seems a little late now lol. They could have done this years ago... -_-

PopRocks3591923d ago

^This. My Wiimotes drained quite a few of my AAs. There should have been a rechargeable battery long before now (and I'm not referring to the Nyko ones; I went through two of those packs which broke in a month).

GamersRulz1923d ago

Nintendo are stuck in 1995 technologies !

PopRocks3591923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


How about credit where credit is due? At least none of the Wii U controllers have this issue. The 3DS and DS and even the Gameboy Advance SP ran on rechargeable batteries.

So no, I don't think they're stuck in 1995. However the Wiimote running on AA's was not a fantastic idea and should have been fixed years ago, not now.

CaptainN1923d ago

Gamersrulz...really because last I checked the Wii-U has the Pro Controller with the longest battery life probably ever for a controller at 80 hrs before a recharge. I don't see any other companies able to do that yet !!!

Hicken1923d ago

Yeah, only about six years or so. Not THAT late.

StraightPath1923d ago

I used my own rechargable batteries for long now.if anyone has trouble in replacing batteries why dnt youjust buy recharbles batteries with charging dock? Simple..

fsfsxii1923d ago

My Wiimote EATS every AA battery i use, they last about 2 days.

yewles11923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

...after HOW MANY YEARS???

CrescentFang1923d ago

Changing batteries is fine for me. If it had li-ion batteries which were unremovable (like the PS3 controller), those kinds of batteries would eventually die out.

OpenGL1923d ago

Rechargable lithium-ion batteries like the ones used in the PS3 controllers last through hundreds of recharge cycles, spending money on AAs is a much bigger issue.

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