Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition players log over one billion hours

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition players have played the game for over one billion hours. The figure was announced via playXBLA. Update 10 for the game is currently in testing, so surely it won’t be long before that figure is surpassed.

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omi25p1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Its funny that with all the Money that goes in to AAA games. Minecraft is the most played Game on any platform.

Not all sand boxes are amazing. Just look at Assassins Creed.

SJPFTW1801d ago

or maybe because its just a really good and fun game?

BlmThug1801d ago

AC is decent. Also, reason why Minecraft is so popular is because fun is the main core mechanic :) it's the reason why Crash Bandicoot and Tomba have special places in my heart :')

Dlacy13g1801d ago

maybe you can buy the rumored Xbox Mini to get your fix. ;)

Snookies121801d ago

I'd take a Vita version for that matter. o_o Having it on the go would be wonderful. Also, I say wait for PS4 with Minecraft. By then their exclusivity to MS will be up and they can create for any platform. Not to mention all that extra ram can go for expanding how far you can travel in the game. :]

Jurat1801d ago

PSN is the only place this game hasn't permeated.

Would love to have it on the Vita.

TheSaint1800d ago

Good old M$ and their exclusivity.