Should more games totally reinvent themselves like Blood Dragon

Should more games go down the route of spin off to provide some surprisingly fresh results, or does this just annoy the fans who want more of the same.

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RaidensRising1833d ago

I think it's a cool idea from Ubisoft but this is an exception not the rule. Without imagination ideas could become stale and if too jarring might not work. Blood Dragon has a great theme to it which is its selling point. Skyrim set in the future anyone? No. Didnt think so.

grassyknoll1833d ago

"Skyrim set in the future" = Fallout!

whamlollypop71833d ago

It would help sell games, have a good title that is basically a fresh IP but with a known name. I think we all just want good engaging games regardless of how they come about.

porkChop1833d ago

I think it depends on the game, but in general I think it's a great idea. Helps keep franchises fresh.

Tdmd1833d ago

Agree. I don't like the theme, but I like the creativity (and balls) they had with it.

urwifeminder1833d ago

Saw the trailer it reminded me of amped 3 the animation and humor that game was one big acid trip if you havent seen the cut scenes in amped 3 you wont know what i mean.