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The Best Hard Drives for the Wii U

One of the greatest features of the Wii U is its robust offerings within the Nintendo eShop. Whether it's classic gaming (Punch-Out!!) or modern titles (Assassin's Creed 3!), the eShop is an easy way to cut down on cartridge storage and acquire new titles quickly without bothering with a pre-order or traveling to the nearest big-box retailer.

But, one of the weakest features of the Wii U is its minuscule local storage. The basic model - which costs $299 and touts 8GB of memory - really only leaves about 3GB left over for game storage. The $349 premium model fares a little better, offering 25GB of storage, but could still hit capacity if you download a huge title like the 16GB monster Tekken Tag Tournament 2. (Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

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TheMrMalro  +   718d ago
The best ones tend to be the ones that work.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   718d ago
I did not know that you could use SD Cards and Pen Drives.

I like the options that they give
but I know many have it.

I would rather be able to buy my own HD (hard drive) then pay for one that only works on my console.
guitarded77  +   718d ago
I already have a WD My Book, I just haven't had to network it to the Wii U yet. Guess I'll get on that eventually, but I only have a few gigs of data on the 32gb memory.

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