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Xbox SmartGlass update brings full and proper tablet support

Microsoft has updated the Xbox SmartGlass app for Android. And nicely done, this time the update brings full and proper support for tablets. This goes back to a previous update that was released back in 2012. That update added tablet support, but did so only for 7-inch tablets. As of today, the Xbox SmartGlass v1.5 update adds support for “Android tablets 7” and larger.”

Aside from the support for tablets larger than 7-inches in size, this update also took care of some bug fixes. There was also mention of “numerous” design and usability improvements. The fixes and improvements were not fully detailed though. Touching back on the specifics, v1.5 also added an ‘always-on’ state so you can ensure your device remains awake while you are playing. (Android, Microsoft, Tech, Xbox 360)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   841d ago
finally, now I can use my tablet
B-radical  +   841d ago
Notice the article i posted on the new xbox rumours got deleted? Just sent the admin a piece of my mind!

Anyway about time we can use tablet's
Hicken  +   841d ago
Notice how it has the same source as every other failed report of that rumor? Notice how that source doesn't appear very credible?
MikeMyers  +   841d ago
Notice how many articles you're in concerning Microsoft? Notice while you're in them you never actually say anything other than to be off-topic or say something negative?
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brettyd  +   841d ago
So far smartglass is pretty useless. I only use it to see if any of my friends are online before i boot up my xbox (which takes forever because its old and slow)
AutoCad  +   841d ago
lately ive been using it for game of thrones.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   841d ago
I use it all the time especially for Netflix, when my controller goes to sleep and I don't feel like cutting it back on.
adorie  +   841d ago
I'm betting SmartGlasses true purpose has to do with the nextbox.
Dlacy13g  +   841d ago
I know you can push video to and from your smartglass device but what if they allowed you to swap screens? As in push the game from your TV to your tablet. Still use the controller since the Xbox still is doing all the work just using the tablet as the new screen. 2nd screen swapping seems to be the rage these days. WiiU...PSVita...so is this MS's answer?
just_jeff  +   841d ago
I don't see it, unless someone sells a controller that clips onto your tablet/phone. Seems like a lot of work to bring out your tablet and a tablet stand and a controller to play a 720/PS4 game. I think they're better off just letting us play iOS/Android style games they create for LIVE/PSN... but that's just me.
SJPFTW  +   841d ago
LOL i sense troll. Smartglass is useful if you want to browse the internet, watch youtube or movies on your widescreen TV, way better than using the standard controller.
Grimhammer00  +   841d ago
Wasn't smart glass really just MS hedging their bets against Ninny fail-hard WiiU pseudo tablet controller?

You'd think MS would be catching on by now that the tablet controller fad that never was is aborted.
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Crazy Larry  +   841d ago
Using it as a controller in a fraction of what smartglass is. A lot of the other features are actually pretty cool. But yes, as a controller, a flat screen will never catch on.
SolidDuck  +   841d ago
Smartglass seems very pointless the few times I've used it. Maybe they will expand it with the new Xbox.
Grimhammer00  +   841d ago
I know that we can't see the next big thing. Otherwise I'd be rich. Lol

But...I really can't see smart glass or similar issue ...the ninnypad future. What can they do for gaming?
Maps, stats screen...a backpack.

Here's what I'd do with a tablet and gaming.
We all know AI is the big deal breaker in gaming. It can take you out of it in a heartbeat.

What if we could some how have tablet users contributing/controlling enemies in our console games?

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