GamesBeat: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is ’80s stupid awesome (preview)

Go to enough video game presentations, and you see the same project pillars creep into the PowerPoint slides. Stuff like “immersive,” “seamless transitions,” and “freedom.”

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s pillars are “honest,” “stupid,” and “fun.”

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wita1262d ago

Sounds awesome. And it's stand-alone? Win.

Sadie21001262d ago

Rock on! Just that art alone makes this a must-buy.

darkronin2291262d ago

I think I'm more excited about the soundtrack than the actual game (but only by a little!)

e-p-ayeaH1262d ago

its on youtube if you're curious

portiefeltner1262d ago SpamShow
violents1262d ago

It looks really fun, I wish devs would do more stuff like this, sometimes I feel like game makers take games too seriously and forget that you can make anything happen in a game, no matter how ridiculous.

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