Praise the Sun - 3 signs Dark Souls II appears true to franchise

PSU writes about why the slight changes to Dark Souls 2 should keep fans excited. What we witnessed in those 12 minutes looks more like a refined Dark Souls expansion rather than a completely new concept in the gameplay department. So far, it appears not much has changed to the basic gameplay. The few changes and enhancements we learned about did catch our attention. Learn why we think these are signs the game is in fact in great hands.

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theDECAY1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I still felt like some of the Dark Souls "soul" was missing from that 12-minute demo. No pun intended. I'm eagerly awaiting more info.


theDECAY1925d ago

Why the disagrees? Jeez. My avatar is a knight for goodness sake.

OcelotRigz1925d ago

Well, after Miyazaki leaving and talks of accessibility, i was really worried about DS2. But the trailer and interview actually got me excited again and it really sounds like the guys know what makes the game special and are standing by that design.

Also, it looks just like Dark Souls 1, the world, the art design, the hud etc... with a tiny bit of polish. For some games that would be disappointing for a sequel, but in Dark Souls case thats just enough. The first one was almost perfect, all it needs is a bit of polish on the looks and some tweaks to little nags the game had. Changing too much could ruin that Souls experience.

Anyway, Demon & Dark Souls are among my two favorite games ever, i really hope this one lives up to the standard of those two.

1925d ago