Top 6 Best (and Worst) Video Game Hugs

4Player-"While typically I hate to list things in top (insert random number) due to my ever changing views on things, I’d figure I should at least change up my writing structure a bit, as I’m hitting that brick wall known as writer’s block. So keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the hugs are actual gameplay or cut scenes, here are THE TOP 6 HUGS!"

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Snookies121774d ago

No FFX ending as a best hug? I guess it's always in a lot of "best" lists. So this one can be forgiven lol.

Donnieboi1774d ago

Wow, aren't articles with topics of this "caliber" usually reserved for Sundays?

pr0t0typeknuckles1774d ago

lmao,thosee faces at the end.

HonestDragon1774d ago

For every good hug on the list: Awww, I feel happy.

For every worse hug on the list: Gah! I feel disturbed...