Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Will Win Game of the Year Based on Trailer Alone

Ethan Moses gets a little bit excited by a manly handshake and a hero posing on top of a pile of dead cyborgs.

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hellzsupernova1923d ago

I have to say this game just exploded onto my radar!!!! Looks hilarious and awesome
Cannot wait

sitharrefus1923d ago

Looks fun but there are other great games that can get game of the year. It's to soon to tell

Sandmano1923d ago

I'm not so sure he was a %100 serious with that comment. He was obviously continuing the comical trailer feel with that comment.

Drakesfortune1923d ago

is this a full game or just a dlc add on?

orakle441923d ago

Was wondering the same myself

Haki11121923d ago

it's full no need for farcry 3

mcnablejr1923d ago

Any idea if this will have its own multi player portion?

Sandmano1923d ago

"It's full no need for far cry 3"

I recommend people play far cry 3 Goty 2012 for me...

Yes it's a full game and that's smart because one people see how awesome the gameplay of dl far cry is they will go buy far cry 3 and people who own the game like me will get it for sure.

darren_poolies1923d ago

It's a stand alone expansion therefore you don't need Far Cry 3 to be able to play it. It will be released on PSN, XBLA, PC. :)

1923d ago
sandman2241923d ago

It's about time a fps game gets into the future. It might have a silly plot to the story but its okay because it's a game. That's the beauty of gaming. You can make anything happen.

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