Opinion: Why Sony needs to encourage publishers to make PS Vita the JRPG console of choice takes a look at the current sales challenges facing Sony's Playstation Vita, and examines the potentially positive opportunity that exists for Sony with respect to JRPGs.

As publishers move towards mobile and handheld as their preferred devices for publishing JRPGs, Sony may be able to capitalize on this shift in order to first increase the core gamer base on the Vita console, and later increase the overall number of mass market consumers purchasing the device.

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miyamoto1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I think, most JRPG developers KNOW that the PSP is the King of JRPG that is why they support the platform for so very long (9 years and no sign of waning nor ending).

And that crown will eventually be passed on the PS Vita as the PS Vita is built as a PSP2
Nintendo knew that and has made the 3DS a direct answer to the successor hence nabbing PSP numero uno franchise MonHun. So it will be interesting direct competition on Ninty's part to gain market share. Sony not so much. They can't be arsed to make Pokemon or Kirby-ish games as their push is for the core and mature tech savvy gamers.

I don't see the 3DS lasting as long as the PSP nor PS Vita hardware wise because the successor to 3DS is just around the corner as stated by me.

cero551741d ago

i dont think psp is king of jrpgs... tho it has strong jrpg support.

Tapani1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"MonHan" not "MonHun". The former sounds like hunting monsters and the latter like you cuddle with them!

TongkatAli1741d ago

Sony should make Legend Of Dragoon 2 Vita.

pompombrum1741d ago

That would get me buying a vita for sure.

DarkBlood1741d ago

that would make me get a vita alongside my favourite rpg game immediatly and not giving a shit about waiting for a red vita lol

adarker1741d ago

*slow clap* I agree completely!

Godmars2901741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

What about the PS3? it needs a new mission statement in regards to the genre.

Pixel/sprite games for that matter.

Kirnisorey1741d ago

And by jrpg you mean a Souls game or Dragons Dogma game then absolutely.

TruthbeTold1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yeah, seriously. I can enjoy a good JRPG on a handheld. But by far prefer them on console.

Valkyria Chronicles lost me after the first. I can't really enjoy Tales games as much. I stay away from the 'Mario and Luigi' series. Pretty much Pokemon or bust with me and hand held rpg's. I've been playing and enjoying Fire Emblem lately. But I'm going through it slowly. Not enjoying it as much as when I play on console.

epicjrpg1741d ago

Honestly, more western-styled RPGs produced by Japanese companies on Vita certainly wouldn't hurt!

porkChop1741d ago

I would love a Demon's Souls port. Or an exclusive Souls game built from the ground up for the Vita. Considering that Sony owns the Demon's Souls IP they could make a Demon's Souls game themselves if they really wanted to.

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The story is too old to be commented.