Mass Effect 2 will blow people away

Speaking to at EA's Guildford HQ yesterday, BioWare's Senior Manager Matt Atwood shed some light on Mass Effect 2, teasing with how brilliant the game will be.

"How will it correlate to Mass Effect, the original? There's a lot of really exciting answers to that question. I think that people are going to be blown away," said Atwood. "I've learned some of the things. I don't mean to tease people. The teams are just so brilliant and the story writing is so good that straight out from the beginning of Mass Effect 2, people are going to be in awe."

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Meus Resistance3720d ago

360 and PC owners will love playing Mass Effect 2.

Lord Vader3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

@ BeaArthur & tonsoffun & ry-guy below =

I couldn't agree with either of you more. KOTOR had alot worse glitches & it was a GOTY. RPG's have their faults in gameplay, they always have. Personally, I loved the graphics, atmosphere, 3rd person perspective shooting & art design. The story is second to none.

Bubbles+ to both you guys.

Bioware rocks. Mass Effect 2 cannot come soon enough.

(Sorry, I meant to reply below.)

blade4023720d ago

Yep can't wait for bioware games to come to the PS3. This game might be the first.

marionz3720d ago

well aslong as it acually has a semi stable framerate then people may be blown away, i dont understand the reviews for the first one being so high, running forward and the framerate freexing only to appear a few meters ahead of where you once were might work in a game like the jumper, but in mass effect it was pure lame

godofthunder103719d ago

i have mas effect and i never had the problem people are claiming mass effect had and as far as the person saying that the rating was to high must be a ps3 fanboy.mass effect is one of the best game for any of the 3 main game system and that's a fact.
all the people that keep saying mass effect had to many problem with it(i never had one)and it was over rated is just ps3 fanboys acting childish.i don't care if it was on the 360,wii or ps3 mass effect is a damn good game and the graphics are one of the best in any game.
Big Jim is just a childish ps3 fanboy.he said that mass effect had Atari 2600 graphics,well if that's true then the ps3 must have atari graphics because it look better then the games that on the ps3 so far.
big jim is probaly one of the people that said he was glad oblivion wasn't on the ps3 when it was suppose to be an exclusive for the 360 because it wasn't a good game and it was over rated but as soon as it was on the ps3 he started saying how great the game was and it's a must buy.
i just don't understand how people like big jim could post an article like he did knowing that it's not true.he's one of the people that i keep talking about.he will never say that anything on the 360 is good and every thing on the ps3 is perfect even when developers said that the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and if he had a 360 he would say the opposite just because he has a 360.
i'm a 360 owner since launch and i never had a problem yet and i hate sony but i want lie and say that the ps3 isn't a damn good system with good games just because i have a 360 because i'm not going to act like a child.people that act like this reminds me of 6 graders in school saying my daddy can beat up your daddy because it's the same damn thing.
i think that the ps3 and 360 are both damn good console with good graphics(not atari graphics like big jim is claiming)and the ps and xbox will be around as long as people want to play games like it or not.
i wish that every one will just admit that they are both good system instead of saying that one of them is trash and they want make a new one.i admit that the 360 had a very high high defect rate because it's true but ps3 fans need to admit that microsoft is working on the problem because they are starting to put the new chips in and every one gets a 3 years warinty but when sony came out with the first ps it had a very high defective rate at almost 30%,i know it's not as high as the 360 but it's high.the ps had a defected drive in it and it wouldn't even play a new game on a new system sometimes because it would read can't read disc,i went through 5 of them in less then 2 years.unlike microsoft sony claimed that nothing was wrong with the ps and they didn't do a damn thing about it until a lawsuit was filed against them and they finaly admitted that the ps did have a problem with their drives and they was working on fixing them but like me it was to late for some of us because i called sony about the systems that i bough and they told me that they couldn't do anything because it was to late for me but i'll admit that the ps3 is the most dependable system that was ever made because it's i said i'll admit that microsoft messed up on the 360 because it did have a high defecteive rate but ps fans need to remember what happened to the first ps and what sony did and if people don't belive me just look it up but i know that some of the ps fans want admit it even when they know it's true because they are childish and the same goes for 360 fanboys,if it was the other way they would be saying the same thing.
i wish that every one will just enjoy the system and game they have instead of worring about the other one because it doesn't concern them.i wish that they just make one console that will play the will,360 and ps games then all this childish fighting can stop.

jadenkorri3719d ago

New Message:
5 days 13 hours ago | By: godofthunder10 | Block
you must be the dumest mother f*cker that ever posted a comment.first off i didn't say that the ps didn't sale more then nitendo when they came out you retard,i said that the first ps had a high defect rate because of the bad drive and the ps3 was done right because it's the most dependable console every made and it's a lot more dependable then the first 2 ps and if you had any since or be able to understand anything you would've known what i was saying.
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Anyways godofthunder you can love your 360 all you want, but it will never love you back....and i really hope you don;t have children...oh wait...what am i worried for...nm

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DarkSniper3720d ago

With the power of the PLAYSTATION® 3 and it's Blu-Ray storage, Dark Sniper wouldnt be surprised Mass Effect 2 blows consumers away. Simply put, Dark Sniper will be blown away when Mass Effect 2 plays perfectly on PLAYSTATION® 3 with no bugs like it's 360 counterpart will.


Sez 3720d ago

looks like dark sniper will be buying this game for the pc/360 because the ps3 won't be getting this one either.


THWIP3720d ago

Mass Effect 2 will incorporate gamesaves and stats from Mass Effect 1...which means PS3 owners would have NO CHANCE of getting ME2.

butterfinger3720d ago

If you would have read all the articles, it looks like this will eventually see the PS3. The real question is, when will xBox get MGS4?

HarryEtTubMan3720d ago

lmao WHO CARES B!TCHES??? You dont know if PS3 IS or ISN'T getting Mass Effect 2... and the first one runs like a P.O.S anyways( click my profile... I have been playing it like 2 days ago... stupid BOTS)

MASS eFFECT ISN'T EVEN THAT GOOD. PS3 is getting FF13 and Versus and you guys are PRAYING PS3 owners don't get Mass Effect 2 bewcause you dont ahve any fvcking games anyone cares about coming haha.


Who cares either way PS3 has the biggest and most valuable RPG franchise of all time coming. Xbox 360 doesnt. You foold are becoming rapid and fighting for games coming in 2009 becuase u have nothing anyone even cares about coming in 2008 LOL... Mass Effect isnt a huge great game... and it didnt even sale THAT well. It will probably be coming to the PS3. We will wait and see.

iAmPS33719d ago

Harry, you are the perfect example of people who own both consoles but knows which one is the best.

Congratulations for schooling theses BOTS and trying to educate them on gaming.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All.

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Iamback3720d ago

How about they first fix technical issues first one had? Framerate, texture pop in, stiff plastic face, etc. Fix that then "blow us away"

tonsoffun3720d ago

you know that stuff did not bother me one bit, i was there for the story and the interaction, not the visuals. Sure they did add an element to it, but to me it was all about the dialogue and the story.

BeaArthur3720d ago

It didn't bother me either. Maybe because KOTOR had the same issues and they were worse in those games so I probably expected them and when they were improved it didn't really bother me at all. Then again I am not really a graphics junkie; I mean I want the game to look good but graphics are not at the top of my list for what makes a good game.

ry-guy3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Agreed with the two above replies.

When I'm playing an RPG I play it for the story first and foremost. That game excelled at that. Send is combat and the combat was awesome as well. I really enjoyed the third person aspect of instantly engaging in combat and didn't have "random encounters". Sound and music is next. Graphics is towards the bottom of my list when judging an RPG.

However, if Mass Effect were a FPS or Adventure game, then graphics becomes one of the top priorities.

P4KY B3720d ago

"Random encounters" are what ruin many JRPGS.

TheMART3720d ago

Plus, this text:

""How will it correlate to Mass Effect, the original? There's a lot of really exciting answers to that question. I think that people are going to be blown away," said Atwood. "I've learned some of the things."

Could also direct in the way they've learned to tweak the engine better, so the loading of textures is done more smart, preventing texture popups and possible framedrops just after loading large parts.

Nevers3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I mean come on... our elevator technology these days is light years beyond those long uncomfortable rides up and down... up and down... up and down...

A way to skip the dialogue answers you accidentally asked the NPC would also be a BIG plus.

And IMO all the planetary environments (buildings) especially in the sidequests seemed to be one of three cookie cutter layouts. More variety was needed.

Nevers3720d ago

heard they're making a game devoted entirely to travelling up and down for hrs in elevators. PREORDERING NOW

bloop3720d ago

...yeah those elevators were a pain in the ass alright. But at least they put them to some use in the citadel with the news bulletins that some assignments were triggered from. But outside of the citadel, no use what so ever, I'd more than gladly take a 5 second loading screen instead. As for skipping dialogue, try hitting the 'X' button :)

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tonsoffun3720d ago

I for one am really looking forward to this game - hopefully, the game will take into account your actions and decisions from the last game to taylor a storyline for you.

Imagine - the character that you sacraficed was ressurrected by the geth and is now out to get you....

BeaArthur3720d ago

That would be cool. I was thinking about that when I saw the articles about Mass Effect 2. I hope they completely overhaul the Mako combat though, it was so aggravating and was the only thing about the game that really annoyed me.

ry-guy3720d ago

Yes! The Mako was a pain in the butt. It was fun to cruise around but I loathed the combat. There was virtually no Y-Axis movement. You'd think in the future like in Mass Effect their tanks would have a move more aiming capability. Perhaps lock on projectiles too.

Lord Vader3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I just hope they deliver on the promise to move our 60th level character to the new game. I really hope all the decisions made in the first game are reflected in the second. Bioware has been adamant about providing these things throughout the trilogy.

"Imagine - the character that you sacraficed was ressurrected by the geth and is now out to get you.... " - wow, that is a cool idea I hadn't even thought about - good stuff guys. Bubbles+

tonsoffun3720d ago

Lets just hope that they do have some form of conection with what you did in the previous game - it just has loads of possibilitites:

if you were persuing two characters and the one you gave a knockback to goes all bunny boiler on you, you get to track down the pirate that was behind the big massacre in your characters past (only if you went the war hero back story). If done right, ME2 could be very different for the each individual player.

I do agree with the comments below that your action scould inlfuence other characters actions in the game: in KOTOR II you could basically influence characters to become evil if you were or vice versa, I know that you are not evil in ME per se, but you could change your comrades views on things during the conversations and such...

I did think that the sacraficed character coming back for revenge would make an incredible story arc - they are willing to do anything to get thier revenge, even if it results in the geth over running the galaxy - or even him/her trying to destroy eath.... it could all lead to a huge epic battle where you cold choose to kill them or spare them - this could lead to the next game where the said sacraficed character is looking for redemption in your eyes and in the eye of thier people. Kinda like locutos of bog/ picard storyline in star trek, only with a helluva lot more explosions and battles....

the possibilites are almost endless.

The one thing I do suggest and many here do to if to fix the MAKO controls, just copy halo 3's control system - it is far more user friendly.

For all those who agreed with me + bubbles for you.

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Shortstop3720d ago

What's EA's strategy? Say that every game that they're about to make is going to be amazing and hope that 1/10 of the time they are right? I'm not listening to anything that EA hypes anymore. They've gone to the "hype well" way too often.