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Microsoft has been keeping a very close eye on the gaming journalism world when it comes to the Xbox 720. Of course, there aren’t any statements to squash or confirm any of the rumors flying around, but it’s good to know they are watching. It doesn’t seem that all Microsoft employees are going to keep quiet about them though.

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AngryEnglish1799d ago

Super shit article, don't bother reading, how the hell thus gets on here is beyond me

sensor211799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Some are plausable possibilities not sure about older systems games. I love cross game chat that idea kept me going for years but those new specs seem in step with what MS is trying to do as far as innovation goes and as a consumer its nice to know they still seem tight lipped which gives me confidence and as far as not having enough power and no ps3 exclusives the 360 was out a year earlier which was great and when rrod occured I sent my box out and got it two weeks later 3 times no shipping cost no repair cost I am excitited about the new box.