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GameDynamo - "Set after the events of the first Killzone, Mercenary will revisit events spread all over the previous games from a new set of eyes."

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1865d ago
KwietStorm1865d ago

I almost forgot this game was a thing, with all the PS4 news. I wonder if they have any communication planned between Mercenary and Shadowfall.

PirateThom1865d ago

Dare we hope for a cross play mode within Shadow Fall?

r211865d ago

Players can hide the bodies? Thats interesting.

kwiksilver991865d ago

i just hope aiming is tweaked to perfection or as good as it can get on the vita.i just played uncharted :golden abyss and felt the aiming was real slow.i realise it cant be as smooth as a dualshock 3 but i really hope they manage to make aiming smooth.
aiming in blops declassified was also slow and sluggish

SandWitch1864d ago

Gyro helps a lot when aiming in Golden Abyss

kwiksilver991864d ago

it does , but with killzone having an mp component sluggish controls like uncharted :ga ,will not work in its's hoping the dev's are on top of it.

1861d ago