Let’s play Jurassic Heart and earn some T-Rex loving

From the article, "The best, new April 2013 release has arrived. Jurassic Heart is the game everyone has to play. Don’t think about it. Don’t debate it. Just head over to the creators Hima and Piti’s Jurassic Heart website and either play the game in your browser or download it for later, because you have to play this kooky otome (girl’s dating sim) visual novel. I have to say, if The Pulse Pounding, Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam were a contest, Jurassic Heart would win. Which is why I’m going to do a brief playthrough, right here and right now, so you can see just how awesome it is.

First, let’s set the mood. Jurassic Heart is the story of a young girl, whom I’ve named Lunch, and her dashing classmate, a Tyrannosaurus named Taira."

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