Condemned 2 Demo Available For Xbox 360

SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced gamers can sample the highly anticipated Condemned 2 video game from esteemed development studio, Monolith Productions, via a demo released on the Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. Available for immediate download, the demo is taken from mid-way through the first level and gives players an opportunity to get to grips with Ethan Thomas, the former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, in his crusade to discover just what is going on in the sinister world around him.

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Meus Resistance3688d ago

I love the fact that Xbox Live is constantly updated with new content.

BeaArthur3688d ago

I agree with you, I mean not that I don't like the Playstation store and all but at least when I sign into xbox live there is typically something new. I was hoping the were going to release a demo for this one, I was just saying the other day how their really hasn't been much in the way of a good demo in awhile.

sonarus3688d ago

agreed. Generally don't download anything but demos but 360 gets the demos faster. I should download this sometime today

Pintur3688d ago

Short will be visible

kewlkat0073688d ago

always good news.

I'm at work..grr

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The story is too old to be commented.