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Microsoft Doesn't Love You

If Microsoft appreciates its customers, then it has a terrible way of showing it. While Sony and Nintendo are going out of their way to give back to the gaming community, Microsoft has been consistently taking things away. (Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Arai  +   873d ago
Interesting title...

They are changing focus that much is or should be clear by now.
How it pans out for them and their user base only time will tell.
insomnium2  +   873d ago
They get success with casuals, they go to casuals. Low input, max income is too sweet to pass upon for MS. Clearly they are in this ONLY for the money. Sad to see them abandon the install base that got them up and running in gaming but business is business........to MS atleast. They have absolutely no ambition or vision for this. Only hunger for more money. They have been like a child with a notebook this whole gen and that proves it.
darthv72  +   873d ago
news flash
ALL companies are in this for the money. They can't turn profits by doing things out of the goodness of their hearts.

"They have been like a child with a notebook this whole gen and that proves it." if by that you infer they have been taking notes then Sony has been copying off MS paper.

But did they copy the right answers? We will know after they take the test. And by test i am referring to consumer acceptance.
Hicken  +   873d ago
Newsflash: You don't HAVE to play the part of the moneygrubbing, greedy corporation in order to be in ANYTHING for the money.

It's just like that one banking commercial where the woman's like, "When I got married, we discovered we had all sorts of needs. My bank was only interested in selling us services we didn't even need, but X bank actually listened and only offered services that we could use." (Paraphrased, of course.)It doesn't stop the bank they chose from wanting her money; they just decided to get her money by EARNING it, by making their service to their customer truly warrant and deserve being paid for.

Does that make sense to you? To others who keep coming out with this... "defense?" That some companies WANT your money, while others want to EARN it? Can you understand why people see Microsoft as the former, and Sony and Nintendo as the latter?
Sonyslave3  +   873d ago
^^ here come the negative Ms news
AngelicIceDiamond  +   873d ago
Lol its already here. The typical doom and gloom that I chuckle at every time I see one pop up. Nobody takes this stuff serious, or at least I don't.
TekoIie  +   873d ago
Oh no. Come back. Please. I'm Heartbroken... And now Im over it -_-

Pretty sure Sony/Ninty doesnt love me either until my wallet butts into the conversation.
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Why o why  +   873d ago
C'mon. This is getting a little silly. No company loves its customer. We're their punters.
Have they shifted their focus more than many would like. . .yes for certain but loves got nothing to do with it.

Sony doesn't love us either so don't start whinging about why I feel that way. Ms hasn't been able to cater to both ends of the gaming spectrum in the balanced way greenberg bragged they did. He was wrong
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BXbomber  +   873d ago
no company loves their consumer BUT companies like sony do appreciate their consumers i mean yea we have plus (a feature that gives us discount on games and free games) also the fact they went around giving loyal ps consmers $10 psn money i mean yea i wanna know when was the last time MS did or does these type of things for its consumer. I'm not saying that sony loves their consumer more than MS BUT atleast they show their appreciation towards their consumers.
Why o why  +   873d ago
Sony cares more for their core gamers. No question. It's not even debatable. They kept it going throughout the whole gen and didn't slow down just because next gen is coming. That's the excuse I hear people making for a multi million/billion dollar company and in another article these same people brag about how many studios and how much money microsoft has. . .go figure

I mentioned the fact I know Sony doesn't love me because people may think that because I support Sony I'm under some illusion that they'll pay my bills should I fall on hard times or some crap. No. They have proven unequivocally that they take more risks and provide more off their own backs for their core customers like me for 3 gens straight.
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Godmars290  +   873d ago
No company "loves" you, but where Nintendo now pretty much relies on nostalgia, like Sony commonly does both are willing to experiment. Take the occasional risk asking, "maybe they'll like this", whereas MS pushes in a direction. Often with the intent of getting more money.

Look at XBL with its pay wall or Kinect with its intent to tailor advertising. MS literally gets more value out of them than the people who use them. Though of course many will argue that point.
loulou  +   873d ago
lol wrote just for n4g.
SatanSki  +   873d ago
lol, they all dont give a shit about us. Its about money only
ArchieBunker   873d ago | Spam
sway_z  +   873d ago
"MS Doesn't Love You"

Boo hoo!

Where's the Kleenex...?

Pathetic Article....Really!
andreasx  +   873d ago
They love your money
CC-Tron  +   873d ago
CommonSenseGamer  +   873d ago
Yeah, MS is the only company that's takes away from you. What utter fanboy dribble. You know, the biggest thing taken away from me this gen was when Sony reduced its activated system count to 2. I had recently purchased a 3rd PS3 then they dropped that bombshell. However, they then proclaimed anyone who needed more than 2 activated systems must be a pirate. MS ain't perfect but that does not by proxy mean that Sony or Nintendo are.
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GalacticEmpire  +   873d ago
The media certainly has no love for MS and Xbox recently. I'm starting feel a little sorry for them, I hope they speak up soon and clear their name or it will be a one horse race next gen.
clintos59  +   873d ago
Microsoft next system is more focused on multimedia & apps then a gaming machine. I can see why they want it to be a cable box, obviously for the money but I also believe their actions speak volumes of what to expect of the 720. It will be the same as what they offered with the 360 but with a cable box. Dont look for alot of new exclusives because microsoft already proved that is not the way to make more money. They will rely on mostly 3rd party support & exclusive dlc & the cable box & xbl to cash in on. Kinect 2.0 will be their main focus for "games" & i believe this is where most of their exclusives will come from. It makes alot of sense as a business but as a gamer it really doesnt excite me. Casual audience may dig it though if the price is affordable but I think the core will be getting the same thing they were offered with the 360 maybe even less because microsoft has also learned that new ip's dont lead to good sales so I dont expect a new alan wake or any new jrpg like lost odissey.

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