Online Multiplayer Isn't Gaming Anymore

Paul Izod discusses the schism happening in gaming today and asks if online multiplayer (esports) is really gaming anymore

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math1747d ago

you're not gaming anymore.

GetSnooked1747d ago

Hahahahahhahahaha, that was both funny and well-said!

1747d ago
caseh1747d ago

Read the whole article, barely took any meaning from it. So, to summarise:

"While both gaming and esports share a common origin, both are now district in their focus and execution and should really be considered as such. In many ways, this should be celebrated; gaming and esports are changing and evolving, becoming more varied and intriguing before our eyes."


KwietStorm1747d ago

Lol gaming philosophy 101

The_KELRaTH1747d ago

Gamers have always wanted to compete with gamers but as there was no options for online gaming early on there was "highest score" gaming and even 16 player "all sharing the joystick" gaming (ie. Return of the Heracles 1981/2). Later came lan gaming till eventually there was online gaming.

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