Zombie Studios Head Jared Gerritzen Sheds Daylight On Unreal Engine 4 PC Game

Zombie Studios has banked on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology for years. The studio is working on its first Unreal Engine 4 game, Daylight, which will be available on PC via Steam later this year. The survival horror has players waking up alone in an abandoned insane asylum, although there are plenty of ghosts and other scary things still lurking around every corner. Armed only with your smartphone (and your legs, for running), you must get out alive. Zombie Studios head Jared Gerritzen talks about the new game in this exclusive video interview below.

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gamerlive1801d ago

The fact that a small team is making this game is impressive.

ohcatrina1801d ago

it's so amazing to see how the unreal engine has grown over the past few years. :)

BullyMangler1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

shouldn't nextGEN/Unreal Engine 4 power not LOOK like something my little cousin who's in 6th grade can draw?

awkwardhamster1801d ago

It'll be interesting to see how the community comes out with FAQ for a game that resets the board.

HyperBear1801d ago

I can't wait to play Blacklight: Retribution on PS4 when it launches. Hope this game makes it to PS4 as well. Early work looks really good.

YoureINMYWay851801d ago

Looks sick, but not next gen though