Dancing Violinist Lindsey Stirling Discusses Her Video Game Music

Lindsey Stirling was in Los Angeles as part of her 44 date US tour to bring her original violin take on video game music, as well as pop culture shows like Game of Thrones, to her growing number of fans. The Youtube sensation has created high-end videos of Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, and Assassin's Creed III music. Her LindseyStomp YouTube channel has catapulted her original song Crystallize into the 8th most viral video of 2012. The multi-talented artist talks about her video game inspiration in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1778d ago

Her music videos are amazing.

ohcatrina1778d ago

I LOVE LINDSEY STERLING!! As a musician, it's great to see other musician/gamers showing their stuff

awkwardhamster1778d ago

Can't believe I didn't hear about her sooner. She's awesome!

bunt-custardly1778d ago

She's cool. I love the culmination of video game music, cosplay and dance fused into one package. You go girl.

Magnus1778d ago

Her music is great finally she is getting the reconition she deserves. She would look hot cosplaying as princess Zelda. I wish her to do a version of Bonny Portmore from the Highlander franchise or Who wants to live forever from the same franchise. I wonder if she does some of the older Final Fantasy tunes or some of the Xenosaga tunes. So many franchises I wish she would lend her musical talent to.

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