WorthPlaying Previews Dark Sector

Via WorthPlaying:

"As one of the very first next-generation games ever shown to the public eons ago (2004), Dark Sector has been a long time coming. After its initial showing, it seemed to all but vanish off the radar. In 2006, however, Dark Sector finally returned to the public eye, although the game had changed in all but the very essential details, something that may bring to mind the oft-delayed Resident Evil 4."

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Lord Vader3559d ago

We will see. I have been looking forward to this title, but 2 early reviews gave a 6/10 & a 3/10 to Dark Sector. I hope they'er wrong. I'll have to wait for IGN or some other decent reviewer to post.

jinn3559d ago

i wouldnt bother playing this, there is alot of other stuff out there