Top 10 Moments In Gaming

Cheat Code Central's Joshua Bruce writes: "Sometimes, there are moments in gaming when you just have to set the controller down and walk away. Mind-blowing, nerve-frazzling, amazingly epic moments that simply leave you speechless. In honor of these, we have assembled this list of gaming moments from the current console generation that made our collective heads explode. Enjoy."

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Number-Nine1119d ago

I agree with MGS4 and UC2 but everything else was pretty weak.

darthv721119d ago

the #1 moment (IMO) is when I first picked up a controller. It was 1979 and it was a 2600 stick to play space invaders.

i knew from that moment things were only going to get better. And they certainly have.

Neonridr1119d ago

BioShock was incredible. I have to agree, that game was phenominal. And seeing Rapture for the first time was truly mind blowing.

Timesplitter141119d ago

hasn't this story already appeared on N4G yesterday?

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caseh1119d ago

'Top 10 moments in gaming'

As written by someone who has never played any games made before 2006?

Hicken1119d ago

I figured it would be something like that. People seem to forget that generations of games existed before this one.

kratos_TheGoat1119d ago

Top ten he mention are something you can shoot.#fact

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