Dementium: The Ward dev unveils next DS project

From Gaming Target: "For four months, we wondered what "M" stood for and now we know that the answer was right in front of our faces (well, really, above our heads) every night.

Moon is another DS first-person action title that takes place on… you guessed it, the moon. This time, the sci-fi adventure occurs in the year 2058, when researchers building a lunar base discover an alien hatch. And that, according to this morning's press release, is only the beginning of what they find."

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PS360WII3691d ago

Very cool. Dementium was a decent game and glad they are using the same engine and polished it up. This should be something to look forward to :)

barom3691d ago

these guys are like the king of the ds. Dementium ran at 60fps. Which is an amazing feat for the hardware.