Dark Souls 2: From Software 'discussed going next-gen'

New engine will mean no repeat of the original game's frame rate issues, studio also says

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MariaHelFutura1777d ago

I would prefer it being next gen, but won't stop me from playing it and tossing a few controllers.

Despair6661777d ago next gen for dark souls 3

Sevir1777d ago

With all the dragons flying over the canyon. I'm still shocked everything held up and their wasn't a drop in frame rate.

Still I'd love to see a Dark Souls 3 on PS4 and Next Gen Xbox... I think the potential will be greater for this game.

Summons751777d ago

yeah that was really great. Dark Souls 1 had a lot of frame-rate drops especially with the dragon on the bridge. Part of it was the peer to peer multiplayer but since they're going back to dedicated servers like in Demon Souls then it should be fine. Demon Souls never had that problem. Plus I'm sure Bandai Namco is being more generous with money versus a kinda risk game like dark souls was.

BoNeSaW231776d ago

Isn't dark souls 3 a given, if ever released, a next Gen title?

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The story is too old to be commented.