onStart – GRID 2 Multiplayer - Preview

onPause writes:

The original GRID which was released in 2008 as one of the more ambitious racing titles of this generation – developed by Codemasters – the racing studio responsible for franchises like DiRT and Formula 1. When the original GRID hit gaming consoles and the PC, it was a fresh and exciting new take on street and circuit racing where the pure driving and competition was on the forefront.

Speed-Racer1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Cant wait to pick up a copy for myself!

Septic1118d ago

Oi what are you doing here? lol

Yeah the original GRID was absolutely brilliant. I've never played a game where the drifting was more fun.

mcroddi1117d ago

I fully agree with the drifting part!

jonnyp7771117d ago

are they gonna disable the ps3 multiplayer later down the road like they did with the first one? bull crap. i used to love that on 360, then bought for ps3 when i switch, only to be very disappointed.