Corinex GameNet -- WiFi Replacement?

This new hardware performs faster than 802.11g by using your home's normal electrical wiring. The review on also says it's a great solution for Xbox 360 owners, and that it can "wirelessly" stream multimedia to any TV in the house by just plugging it into an electrical jack.

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sak5003691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Glad MS dint stick wifi as standard in 360. Nice stategy keep the console simple let it do its basic function of gaming and rest can be added on later. We're not stuck with HD, BD or even Wifi. Let the standards become established first.

Drekken3691d ago

No, they just stuck us with a bunch of expensive addons and missing features.

travelguy2k3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Microsoft though HDD's were standard LAST GEN. but obviously they were too smart this gen. because you're right, the rest can be added on at 4 times the regular cost, and half the functionality (HD DVD, movies only)

Tempist3691d ago

This think is actually really nifty. I didn't think it was possible, but BAM! there it is.