Dear Capcom, What Were You Thinking? -- A Response to the FPS Mega Man

MTV Multiplayer - Poor Mega Man, he can't seem to catch a break, and despite generating some heat a few years back with the excellent retro love letter of "Mega Man 9" (and 10), Capcom has done nothing to appease diehard fans of the Blue Bomber. Cancellation after cancellation of future projects such as "Mega Man Legends 3" and "Mega Man Online" provided a bleak outlook and hopes were dashed when Keiji Inafune, the IRL Dr. Light, departed Capcom. In another twist, Polygon has uncovered one more shuttered project to reignite the flailing franchise.

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majiebeast1926d ago

They wanted some of that dudebro money.

kirbyu1921d ago

A Mega Man FPS with NES graphics like the one in the picture looks cool. Actually, an FPS that isn't dark or mature in general sounds cool. What if they made one using Kirby? Like, his weapons shoot things like bubbles or candy or something kid friendly and the enemies don't have realistic deaths, they just pop like in the normal games.