Why Video Games Are More Addictive And Bigger Than Movies Will Ever Be

Forbes - Movies are so 20th century. At least that’s what Internet entrepreneur Tobias Batton posits. A serial entrepreneur designing apps and games for the last seven years, Batton believes that video games–on both home console (like Xbox and Playstation) and mobile platforms–are already the most powerful entertainment medium and show no signs of relinquishing the mantle. In his keynote presentation presented at mediabistro’s Social Gaming Summit last November, Batton laid out his theory on what he believes is a global sea change in public consumption of information and recreation. Before we go too far down the rabbit hole (he brings the likes of no less estimable cultural anthropologists than Abraham Maslow, Ivan Pavlov, Joseph Campbell and Stanford neuroscience professor Robert Sapolsky to the discussion), a bit about Tobias Batton.

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TheLyonKing2070d ago

Because there interactive making you connect more to scenarios. That fact you can interact with your environment is a big one.

Also you get a lot more entertainment time with games.

nevin12070d ago

Movies(and TV) have been god awful since 2000.