Flashback Reboot Writer: 'This Was The Game Paul Cuisset Really Wanted To Make' In 1992 reports: "The news that classic platformer Flashback will be getting a downloadable reboot is cause for excitement for nostalgic gamers, but with numerous failed attempts to bring classic games into the 21st century still sore in our memories, it's also causing a wee bit of concern.

Co-writer Simon McKenzie is convinced that fans will "embrace" this new version, since it's apparently the game that creator Paul Cuisset would have designed in 1992 if he had access to modern technology."

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gazgriff2k121870d ago

sweet they should remake anotherwold aswell

Jyndal1870d ago

I never heard of Another World...I do remember Out of this World though. Is Another World a sequel?

Main_Street_Saint1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

In other places, Out of this world was called Another World or Outer World (In Japan).

fermcr1870d ago

I want this game so bad. Loved the first Flashback.