Does your MMO suck?

Elitism has a way of worming its way into anything we enjoy, poisoning it with snobbery and an unjustified sense of self importance. Even when it comes to the realm of MMOs, gamers can't resist ranking the swarm of massively multiplayer time sinks from best to worst and hating on any - and every - title the genre has to offer.

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INehalemEXI3753d ago

WoW was alright, I choose Vanguard Saga of Heroes over all those. EQ was the #1 before WoW and WoW is just a cartoonier watered down EQ set in the warcraft world. WoW really didnt bring anything new to MMO's except that it was easier for casuals to advance. Rest xp etc.

WoW just handed out nice lewtz basically (welfare epics ive heard it called). It was alot more of a challenge to get rare phat lewtz in EQ. VG has more challenge factor as well though the pvp system in WoW is better then the pvp in eq and vg.

EQ2 was alright but I think it was dissapointing in many aspects. It has not captured the essence or success that EQ was. VG is dissapointing in ways too though it has potential.