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Submitted by MadAssGamers 1032d ago | opinion piece

Sony Has Already Won The Next-Gen Battle

MadAssGamers: To start off, I just want to mention why we here at MAG believe Sony already has the head start this year against Microsoft regarding games. Sony already has a good amount of successful, 'triple AAA' PlayStation Exclusive Franchises behind them that players have come to love over the years. These Exclusives include the; Uncharted series, Little Big Planet, God of War, Gran Turismo, Infamous, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and games like Heavy Rain & Journey. Then you have new, upcoming games like Beyond: Two souls, The Last Of Us, Knack, Drive Club and Diablo 3 that are releasing later this year and early next year and could possibly turn into series with sequels. Sony have already announced new games to their Killzone (Killzone: Shadow Fall) and Infamous (Infamous: Second Son) franchises for the PlayStation 4 but we think Sony still has many more up their sleeve that their still yet to announce. (Industry, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

Update This Article is in no way meant to be mis-leading or start any form of trolling or 'wars' between fanboys. I'm not comparing the consoles on specifications, new features and judging which is better. I'm stating the facts in both companies marketing techniques and the mixed thoughts from users so far, explaining how great or not so great we think there doing.

I do admit though the title could of be a little better.

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iNathan  +   1032d ago
Sure Just Like Ps3 Won Last Gen
Oh wait Wii already Sold 100m Units, Xbox gained 50m users ground and Sony lost 90 gamers in a blink of na eye.

lulz ofc they already win.
MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
They didn't win in overall sales, but I think it was the best platform to own for multiple reason. But, this gen in sales, the Wii won, the 360 lost and anything else is just spin. I will say this though, WORLDWIDE they have the most momentum going into next gen and things are looking very good for them atm.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1032d ago
And where did you pull that arbitrary and fallacious notion from? The finishing line is when all consoles of a certain generation are no longer in production. It's as simple as that.
MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
Maybe I'm unclear on something, did the PS3 pass the Wii in sales?
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miyamoto  +   1032d ago | Well said
it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game
We all know how the Big 3 played their cards this generation.

Sony stayed true and committed to the kind of gamers they established since 1994. The core gaming community majority they help build through PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita and the billions of games that has been played on those systems. They help build, unwavering, what makes up this great gaming industry.

Sony and PS4 will always stay committed to their goal of telling the world that video gaming is not just child's toy but also a compelling form of adult entertainment. The evolution from Crash Bandicoot, to Jak and Daxter to Uncharted to The Last of Us clearly shows us PlayStation's progressive principles in gaming providing gamers new and fresh gaming ideas every generation and not just resting on very old franchises.

Sony's PlayStation maintained the respect and commitment core gamers so rightfully desrve and the same gamers gives back the same respect and commitment to the PlayStation brand.

Although the PS3 will eventually outsell the Wii and 360 during its life cycle like the SNES did the Genesis what matters most is how Sony played the game through thick and thin.

Making games is how PlayStation started and its how they will go on and on for the days to come.
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T2  +   1032d ago
@gribbleg - pretty sure lila was being sarcastic unless they crazy ...
@ lightbar - well I spose Sony could go down more and sell 20 million ps4 but at this point with all the hype and good lookin quipment id say Sony is on the up swing which is always bad news for nint , ms
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hkgamer  +   1032d ago
Lets look at it in a companies perspective.

Nintendo, was struggling big time and needed something big to turn the tables. Wii turned into something crazy.
Every unit sold made Nintendo money but if you look at the average console games attach rate then it probably would be lower then Sony and MS.

MS barely had a presence and lacked many big exclusives the PS2 had. 360 came out with a blast and had the Japanese developers developing for them. Stole a few exclusive franchises, Live was succesful and keeps money coming in. Attach rate was fantastic and gained alot of fans.

Sony lost alot of money per console, lost the fanbase to MS and also lost alot of exclusives. FFXIII, Rockstar games, RE?. Barely touched my Wii/360. Think I still have the original GUI on the 360.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1032d ago
a man saw Miyamoto pay PS3 its respects. A man believes he sees where this console war is going.
sikbeta  +   1031d ago
Some people just never understand, right?

How Sony is going to win anythig IF MS still didn't show their console... :/

Look at what happened this whole week, people forgot about the PlayStation 4 event and were in full about a damn tweet from some low level employer @ MS talking about some unknow/rumored Feature that caused quite the uproar

Imagine what will happen in the reveal day of the Nextbox... It's going to be freaking HUGE!!!
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   1032d ago
This gen aint Kuturagi's third console will sell the most when production ceases in the next 5 years. Remember the Ps3 is a marathon runner not a sprinter.
Edit: In my point of view Sony have won me over but Im not sure about other gamers and even I should reserve my judgment for when MS unveils their next console.
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Clarence  +   1032d ago
It took more than 7yrs for each Playstation to get over a 100m. PS3 set the bar for what a console should be. Why do you think M$ has switch their tactics from gaming to entertainment.
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Genuine-User  +   1032d ago
Wii sold more because it was targeted towards children, parents and grandparents.
Even though Sony released a whole year after the Xbox 360, it has sold more in less time.
Even after the lackluster launch, initial online problems and the infamous hack, Sony still won the current gen HD battle, not only that, Sony is going out with a bang before the Playstation 4 arrives.
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Monkeysmarts  +   1032d ago
Assuming everyone who bought a Wii will buy a Wii U is ignorant. Assuming everyone who bought a 360 over a PS3 in North America will buy a 720 over PS4 is presumptuous and ignorant.

We don't know how the sales will shake out, but Wii U is on the short end of both developer support and gamer interest. PS4 looks to be a far stronger platform with a lot more developer support. The assumption that Wii U will do better based on Wii's numbers is pretty asinine.
NobleTeam360  +   1031d ago
You forgot "assuming everyone who bought a PS3 will buy a PS4 is ignorant as well"
TheTwelve  +   1032d ago
This article highlights how Sony really used media to catch Microsoft by surprise.

1. They acted as if they would reveal second.

2. They acted as if they would make an always-online console, which Microsoft would have loved.

Both proved to be red herrings that Microsoft seemed to have jumped completely into and now are caught "with their pants down".

I believe Microsoft is currently scrambling to recover from this. We'll see how they do, but first blood is drawn by Sony for sure.

T2  +   1032d ago
An interesting point ... Not sure if its true but if it is, expect Sony to spank ms hard on sales this gen... And with windows 8 , ms is actually looking at a tough cpl years here ...
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1031d ago
Please explain how this caught MS with their pants down? Got any links or comments from MS supporting that?
ma1asiah  +   1031d ago
@ The Twelve

What makes you think that what you think is not in reverse with SONY showing their cards to early giving MS a possible edge.

Remember this MS have not revealed a console whether it be all about gaming or be an all purpose one stop entertainment media hub. They have not mentioned a release date, they have not set a price point, they have not confirmed whether its next iteration will come in one flavour or a few different flavours. In fact no one knows if it will be released this year or next year.

Everything you have read or seen has been a pure mix of speculation and rumours.

Sometimes being the underdog is a good thing. especially at the moment where SONY is being talked about like some kind of Goliath to MS's David and well we all know historically what happened to Goliath don't we.

At the moment it is best not to count your chickens until they hatch.
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MysticStrummer  +   1032d ago
@Bar_Brothers - Way to start off the comments with a pointless point. How can anyone look at what happened with PS2 and PS3, and think the previous generation matters when you're talking about next generation sales? That was Sony's mistake with PS3, and from what we've seen so far they've learned from that mistake.

XBox had nowhere to go but up. PS had nowhere to go but down. Nintendo was the big winner because they made a cheap console and sold a ton of them.

Having said all that, it's waaay too early to declare victory. All we have to go on is the lack of titles that make people want a Wii U, rumors that make 720 sound like something a lot of gamers won't want, and the little information we have so far about PS4. Going by all that PS4 has the advantage, but it's meaningless at this point.
S2Killinit  +   1032d ago
your making an assumption here, the assumption is that it would have been even possible to hold on to the type of market share the PS2 had. But you got to admit that not only did PS3 come back and take the second spot from xbox, but they also delivered the best gaming among the three. If this generation was any indication, PS4 should be the console to have come next generation. Just my opinion.
avengers1978  +   1032d ago
PS3 did win. You know for games anyway. More exclusives more new ips, more indie games, a better FREE online experience, and a better paid online experience. If u have plus then you know that free games always wins
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1032d ago
These articles always start out the same.

Sony has all these games.

Sony has a big event, gets the hype train going.

Sony cares about the gamer and what not.

MS is terrible because of the rumors.

MS aren't saying anything they have no games blah, blah.

basically reasons that tell me nothing on how Sony won anything.
DonFreezer   1031d ago | Trolling | show
Godmars290  +   1032d ago
No one won jack
And if next gen is anything like last gen - fundamentally broken and uncreative - no one is going to win anything. It'll just be fanboys arguing.

Not that it wont be that anyway.
MikeMyers  +   1032d ago
Sony is getting very positive feedback so far and have the best momentum moving forward with the PS3. If they can price the PS4 competitively and have a strong launch they could take the lead early.

The Wii U is currently struggling and the rumours of the next Xbox are not very positive from a gamers perspective. However nothing is ever a guarantee. Sony had incredible momentum leading up to the PS3 and that wasn't a runaway success. Plus with consumers being so multi-media focused now its very hard to predict.

Don't let the forums fool you, people spend a great deal of time on their consoles doing other things than just playing games than they did last generation compared to this generation.
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Godmars290  +   1032d ago
At the very least that the WiiU is as you put it "struggling" despite having a supposedly strong launch line-up, that every other system's launch have been weak, means that launch line-ups mean nothing.

What should really matter is once a console hits its stride how long it can keep if not improve upon it. That's why the 2600, NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2 hold the positions they do in the general gamer consciousness, and why sytems like the Dreamcast have more of a hardened "cult" following.
MikeMyers  +   1032d ago
What competed with the 2600 at the time? Launch line-ups do have an effect. Imagine a Zelda game or a real Mario Bros. game on the Wii U, those are system sellers. The games they did offer wasn't that impressive. You had Zombie U, a 2D Mario game and NintendoLand for big games. Not exactly breathtaking.Plus Nintendo had a tough time marketing it and what the system offered.

So far all signs are positive for the PS4. Great hardware tailored for game developers, a history with offering games to all ages, excellent relations to 3rd party publishers, a proven online service and great feedback so far. The price could be a problem and if the system launches in 2013 worldwide or not.

The Vita, 3DS, and the Wii U have all stumbled one way or the other. From pricing, an identity crisis, to software. There is no magic formula in today's times but Sony seems to be correcting any faults found on the PS3.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1032d ago
I'm with you on that. Nothing is won before the fact, so people need to just chill with that.

@ Bar Brothers above.

You're totally right, Sony did lose 90 (Ninety) gamers in the blink of an eye.

But to be fair, let's step into reality for second, I know it's probably not "always on" for you.

If it took the PS2 13 years to sell 150 million units, then there is no logical way to determine how many gamers Sony lost/won with the PS3 being only 7 years old.

Number 2, The PS3 has yet to reach the $200.00 price point. But more impressively is the fact that the PS3 is currently selling almost as many units as the 3DS worldwide.

It's very easy to see why the PS3 is going to pass the 100 million units mark.
NewMonday  +   1032d ago
MS look like losing globally by a big margin this time, with that and a 50/50 split in the USA would be enough for Sony.
Cocozero  +   1032d ago
Lol I guess the new 720 leaks were too much for some sites :p
Walker  +   1032d ago
It's obvious!
majiebeast  +   1032d ago
If i look at the leaked launch lineup of the 720 its pathetic another Forza,zombie game,family game probably by the husk they can barely call Rare and Ryse by the talentless Crytek who can only make tech demos.

Their first party studios also nothing to write home about 343 isnt even half as talented as Bungie, Lionhead is a wreck without Molyneux and then a bunch of unknown studios. That i doubt have the talent that Naughty dog,MM,Santa Monica studios or Suckerpunch have.
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DevilishSix  +   1031d ago
majibeast why did you mention Naughty Dog? Hope you do know that they are not a first party studio for Sony and ND stated that after the Last of US, they are going multiplatform.
WeAreLegion  +   1031d ago
"the studio was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001."

Good job, bro...
lovegames718  +   1032d ago
Besides that Ryse has kinect focus on it already making it presumably crap lol Idc what Micro. says about kinect 2.0 i wont believe them after the abomination hat was kinect lol

First party studios alone is enough to make me want to stay with Sony. Those new Micro rumors arent swaying me at all especially the one that tries to tout Durango as bc but what it really is is a mini xbox you still have to purchase and spend money on lol nothing different then buying another xbox slim but its smaller.
profgerbik  +   1032d ago
I am not really commenting on the article but all the people bragging about Wii sales..

Let me ask you this, when you are running in a race. Does it matter how you start? Or how you finish?
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SIANSLOW  +   1032d ago
it matters if you win, simple as that, wii won there is no other way of looking at it
Hicken  +   1032d ago
So, in a marathon, you'll look at who's in the lead at 25 miles and declare them the winner, even though the race is 26.2 miles and their competition is fast on their heels while they're slowing down?

Cuz that's what you're saying: the race is over already(which it isn't), and the Wii has won(which it hasn't).

Yes, it matters if you win, but you can't win until the race is over.

Edit: On topic, nobody's won anything yet. Just as you can't win a race until you cross the finish line, you can't win if everybody hasn't run the course, either(unless someone gets disqualified).
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CC-Tron   1032d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1032d ago
Not if the PS4's launch price is too high like it was for the PS3. Don't get too cocky again Sony.

Of the current consoles, which systems actually made the greatest profit?
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ZodTheRipper  +   1032d ago
Hahah nice, I've written a lenghty user blog post with the title "Why Sony won next gen already" 3 days ago but didn't send it for approval yet becausd I've had problems with inserting pictures in it. I can only agree with this article, I don't think that MS and Nintendo will be able to keep up with Sony next gen.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1032d ago | Intelligent
Lmao at his thread. They havent won anything just fanboy reteric. And falacies. The ps4 havent even boxed shipped or sold a single console and someone decllaring them victorious just absolute ridiculous.
JeffGUNZ  +   1032d ago
With a comment like that, how do you have 1 bubble? I bubbled you up.
Prcko  +   1032d ago
who approved this?
yesmynameissumo  +   1032d ago
All I can say is... Christ this sucks.
Roper316  +   1032d ago
WOW! REALLY! Can I borrow your crystal ball that sees into the future please? I really could stand to win the lottery & thanks in advance for letting me see into the future too.
SIANSLOW  +   1032d ago
woohoo driving games and shooters (not very good ones at that), thanks sony
WeAreLegion  +   1031d ago
Knack - Action/Adventure
Ghost - 3D Clay Modelling and Story Telling
inFamous: Seond Son - Action/Adventure with superhero abilities
Assassin's Creed IV - Action/Adventure/Stealth
The Witcher 3 - Action RPG
The Witness - Puzzle/Platformer
Diablo III - Action RPG
Watch Dogs - Action

Driving Games:
Drive Club

Battlefield 4
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Yeah...all shooters and driving games. -_-
SIANSLOW  +   1031d ago
Sorry didn't realise that Sony made all those games
WeAreLegion  +   1031d ago
Knack, Ghost, and inFamous are all Sony.
Gamer-40  +   1032d ago
Man, too early say who win next-gen, too early.
creized1  +   1032d ago
I am a big sony fan, owned PS1 PS2 and PS3.
Haven't had an xbox ever.
But claiming that we have won this gen before it has even started...that isn't right...
Yes, we see the rumors about MS and the nextXbox but you just NEVER know until they come out and say they are true even if most rumors do come to be true.

However I am pretty sure Sony can win this Gen no problem with the way they are going and all the hype they have built. But lets see what happens with the Xbox
jp_footy2  +   1032d ago
They havn't even started it yet, lol.
Banned   1032d ago | Spam
delboy  +   1032d ago
Let's wait for xbox720 reveal.
Maybe xbox720 has lower level access than ps4. lol at Sony boys
golding89  +   1032d ago
Sony won without the next-gen Xbox being revealed?

How is that?
_-EDMIX-_  +   1032d ago
it's not too strange to see how the PlayStation 4 will likely win the next generation. take into consideration the PlayStation 3 has surpassed the 360 also take into consideration the wii sales are dropping significantly and Nintendo is clearly abandoning the system as a publisher and moving towards the Wii U.

Sony's ultimate strategy is to continue selling PlayStation 3's well after PlayStation 4 is released something the Wii nor 360 clearly achieve if they can't continue to sell better than the PlayStation 3. you have to also take into account that Sony is the only publisher of the 3 releasing brand new IPs on their current gen systems. Sony's pathway to selling them both systems is automatically clear already surpassing 360 it's quite obvious if they continue doing this it will eventually surpass the Wii I doubt Nintendo will continue to support a production of their life system longer than Sony considering they're not even making games for it

if this generation ends with Sony being the only company making current generation systems and games, it will most likely be that they will surpass both systems and be the only company to state they won four generations in a row. take into consideration if even with a head start a cheaper system and a runaway success like the Wii Sony was able to still come back and out sell both competitors what does this mean about PlayStation 4 considering Nintendos Wii U sales stat and Microsoft going casual?

Sony essentially gives a lot of freedom and praise their developers to allow you to like them before any IP, there are many examples that can be made like with the crash bandicoots series etc. even now I'm actually excited to see new IP's I suppose to what's Sony's already done because their teams have kind of been known for releasing new IP's in the beginning of a generation. its to a point where I'm purchasing the PlayStation system as a default because they always make new IPs.

Now Microsoft and Nintendo have to really try to sell me based on their systems sketchy past with support. you're either getting more remakes from 1 or you're essentially just getting the same IP so over and over.

put it this way Sony's pretty much winning this generation by the time its all settled and done what are they really doing different with PlayStation 4 that is going to make something any different than this generation?
Dms2012  +   1031d ago
Thanks for the novelette, was it meant to be a comedy?
S2Killinit  +   1032d ago
I don't think Sony has already won. We still don't know what Xbox will come out with and I have a feeling their system will not be a conventional system. They have the money to pursue extreme avenues (even though I know that MS has always been a very conservative company, look at windows, they didn't change it a bit until they were forced to) but I do believe that they took a page out of Nintendos success with the Wii and they will be bundling the kinect with some sort of motion sensing device (possibly along the lines of something i saw recently which was actually pretty cool, it was like a wrist band that allowed for the type of movements that would come really handy playing games in a very unconventional way) Now am i saying that this will be a success with the gamers? no, I really don't think so, I think it will be another Wii. But it could sell like cupcakes. The reason why I believe this will happen is because MS learned this generation that everything else being equal, they can't out spend their way out of a competition with the Sony's gaming prowess. After all the money spent, the timed exclusives, the advertising campaigns, they still came in behind Sony in the end. Why? because they simply didn't have the gaming studios that Sony had. If you look at what is happening in MS, they are investing in Kinect studios. The only reason I see is if they have something that will change the game on the kinect, because as it stands now, Kinect is not a popular device. There is got to be a reason why they are banking so big on the kinect, and that means there is something new about the Kinect that we don't know about. In the end though, I hope they best for the company that gives me the best GAMES, not the best so called "inovative" gaming as the Wii showed me what that means. I don't want a gimmick I want good games. The PS4 is my pic this generation without a doubt, later, if MS's system proves that it is more than a gimmick, they I would purchase an xbox as well. I guess we just have to wait and see.
Killzoned  +   1032d ago
A lot of people are forgetting that the Xbox 360 had 1 year head start but it didn't do much at all.
xX_InFamous  +   1032d ago
Way too early to tell.
shamash9  +   1032d ago
Such brilliant analysis! Are articles like these eligible for the Pulitzer?
jay2  +   1032d ago
NOT if they have a gab in launching in Europe again.
VoiceMale  +   1032d ago
seriously who writes these articles and who approves them??????....
#29 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
all_clear  +   1032d ago
NO body knows !
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