Inside the Guinness Gamer's Edition

Guinness's 256-page hardback book is bound with a bright green cover, it's tagged as "the ultimate gamer's annual," and it's essentially a coffee table affair, only filled with up-to-date facts, records, and trivia details on videogames. GameTap caught up with Keith Pullin, the game's editor, to find out why this book is the first of many (yes, there will be a 2009 version), how they have uncovered strange, bizarre facts about gamers and their record-breaking habits, and you too can become a world-record holder.

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RecSpec3660d ago

I don't really know what to think about it, I mean, who wants to read about the guy with the most divorces due to WOW (made-up). Then again I never really got into these Guinness books anywayts.