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Submitted by thechosenone 1038d ago | rumor

Next-generation Xbox launch titles include 'Ryse' and a new 'Forza'

Microsoft is working on a number of launch titles for its new Xbox console. One of the first games to launch on the next Xbox will be Ryse, according to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans. Microsoft originally unveiled Ryse at E3 2011, promising an exclusive Xbox 360 release with Kinect functionality. A release has never materialized for Xbox 360 and the company has remained fairly silent about the title's progress, noting that it was still in development in mid-2012 and again earlier this year. The Verge understands that Crytek, along with Microsoft Studios, has been rewriting the game to take advantage of its next-generation console, due later this year. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   1038d ago
"We're told Ryse is designed to be Microsoft's new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title"

hmm, well then I guess there will not be a next Halo or GOW, but this game better be good
WildStyles   1038d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Septic  +   1038d ago
Yeah these rumours seem oddly specific and quite probable. The gates of information are starting to open.
thechosenone  +   1038d ago
aaawwwww yyyeaa...
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   1038d ago
So I guess based on these comments 'Ryse' is a Kinect title. If they call that a mega launch title, idk what is because that does not make sense
M-M  +   1037d ago
@thechosenone's disagrees

No one can take a joke these days I guess.
NewMonday  +   1038d ago | Funny
about time MS made a big new hardcore game.

edit: looked up the Ryse trailer, it's for Kinect, sorry my mistake.
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Mikeyy  +   1038d ago
majiebeast  +   1038d ago
Its made by Crytek they only make tech demo's and benchmark tools disguised as games.
JakemanPS31994  +   1038d ago
idk farcry is pretty good :D I'm also a fan of crysis 2.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1038d ago
lol u know kinect is big when They ask AAA devs to make a motion game instead of a franchise.
ALLWRONG  +   1038d ago
I wouldn't talk! you support the PS3, it's had one core game since 2011.
nukeitall  +   1038d ago
Ryse has the ability to use Kinect, but it is a controller based game. You can use it without Kinect.

That has already been announced way back when.
NukaCola  +   1038d ago

M-M  +   1037d ago
@NukeCola, 1 bubble, and the answer is in his username.
MariaHelFutura  +   1038d ago
Hold up, a Kinect title is designed to be their mega launch title....
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1038d ago
@Maria "Better With Kinect" No longer a just Kinect title.
whoyouwit04  +   1037d ago
You sony fans just find any thing to complain about. if you actually read the article, you could see everything they talked about really does sound interesting. one thing you Sony fans have lost an auguring point they said Ryse, a zombie game, and family game set on an island with Pixar movie-style graphics. Did you notice something about these titles? they all brand new ips and different genres. one last thing, It was said from the off that ryse is a kinect game, however, it could be played with a controller.
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ichimaru  +   1037d ago
you can play it with a controller or Kinect.....this stated for a while now
Convas  +   1038d ago
Ryse has been reworked people and from its announcement, Crytek already confirmed that it's controller-compatible as well.

"Better with Kinect", not Kinect Required.
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asyouburn   1038d ago | Trolling | show
The_Infected  +   1038d ago
Idk about Ryse but Forza should be great on next gen.
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Gamer1982  +   1037d ago
Depends on what they add.. Hopefully it wont just be a graphics upgrade as games like GT and Forza already look great on current consoles..
GraveLord   1038d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1038d ago
So I guess based on these comments 'Ryse' is a Kinect title. If they call that a mega launch title, idk what is
stage88  +   1037d ago
Oh another Forza...

HammadTheBeast  +   1037d ago
I disagree, racing never gets old, can't wait for competition between this and GT6.
Auron  +   1037d ago
whats wrong with a next gen Forza?
Gamer1982  +   1037d ago
People gotta realise what can they add to Forza and GT to make people buy it? Then again people are sheep and buy a new game if the devs shove a new number on it. Take FIFA, Madden, COD and every other yearly series for proof of it.. Drive club and actually Forza horizon are what the gaming world needs a bit of variety.. Shame its because they are differnt people don't buy them..
BitbyDeath  +   1037d ago
"We're told Ryse is designed to be Microsoft's new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title"

"We’re not working on an existing franchise, we’re looking to build the next Halo" ~Black Tusk Studios

So now we have two studios all wanting to make a new Halo? (Excluding 343 who are making a new Halo)
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Gh05t  +   1037d ago
Black Tusk Studios sounds like it is talking about impact not so much genre.
sikorsky14  +   1037d ago
you do realise 343I is still working on Halo 5 and 6 right.... and why would Microsoft abandon Halo?
lauren1whe   1037d ago | Spam
Braid  +   1037d ago
Ryse being the new HALO/Gears of Microsoft?

I honestly can't picture that. No matter how good the new Kinect technology will be, core gamers will not be heavily interested in a motion-control game. For that reason alone it's almost impossible for the game to be the new HALO, even though it might be a good game in itself.

It's actually kind of depressing to see that a Kinect game is considered a "mega-launch" title while Sony has already shown strong titles which are as hardcore as they can get like Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall. First impressions are important, Microsoft, so choose what game to focus on carefully when you showcase the console. Focusing on a Kinect game as a "mega title" is off-putting for me.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1037d ago
Well Ryse will be a controller + Kinect hybrid title so I am not sure I understand the hate from so many people....oh wait, this is N4G where the Sony fanboys reign. Makes sense.

Mediamolicule can show a BS title at the Sony's last conference where you mold things on screen yet that's awesome on this site. Knack looks like a title for 12 year olds yet it's awesome and for the core on this site. Ryse is being developed by CRYTEK which is one of the best developers out there where on this site only they are considered crappy.

As for Forza, we all saw this coming. I can't wait for a next gen Forza. The #1 highest rated racing sim since release on consoles is about to get a next gen racing title. This can only be viewed as great unless you only own a PS3 and think that half-assed train wreck of a GT5 game was better.....LMFAO.

PGR+Forza as launch titles for the next gen Xbox = car lovers dreams come true.
Cocozero  +   1038d ago
Ryse is almost certain, as for Forza I think it will likely be a PGR game. But if its Forza 5 thats one AAA game guaranteed for launch
MariaHelFutura  +   1038d ago
The 720 news seems to be pouring in, we could be getting close to an official announcement.
sway_z  +   1038d ago
Yeah Maria, it does sure seem to be heating up...something must be poppin' soon :)

*Edit ...I only have 2 bubbles (cos I'm radical) soooo....

E3 is gonna be the best its ever been. Prepare to be knocked off your feet, mouth all open, jaw all on the floor...look a cockroach!! Close mouth's quick!!
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mcstorm  +   1038d ago
I agree. I was hoping MS were not going to have Forza 5 as a relece games as this and Halo are the reason I have a 360 and I was going to wait until half way through next year before getting the next xbox and just use my WiiU until then but dam if it is then its a day one for me.

I cant wait for E3 and seeing Sony Microsoft and Nintendo trying to out do each other and see the amazing games they have in store for us.
iNathan  +   1038d ago
Ryse to be the Mega Blockbuster?
Wasnt that supposed to be the new Black Tusk Project ? A Studio owned by Microsoft.

So lets see.

Gears of War and Halo will be saved for 2015 or 2016, meanwhile Microsoft will invest in tittle like Ryse, Alan Wake and Black tusk Project, along with Forza of course.

I´m fearing that Halo and Gears will die with this strategy, i mean Cod will keep coming out, many Halo Gamers and Gears for that matter already changed to Cod, it will only get worse.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   1038d ago
Gears would always be welcome on the ps4. Probably my most wanted MS exclusive.
The Meerkat  +   1038d ago
Because in Gears the best thinker wins rather than the best shooter it will always have a fan base regardless of what COD, Halo etc do.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   1037d ago
Never gonna happen Microsoft wont let it happen if they care about gears fan
Munky  +   1038d ago
There is no way they are not showing at least a sneak peak of the next halo or gears during the reveal. I think the lack of titles for the last 2 years on the 360 leads to MS launching or at least working on a bunch of titles for the Nextbox.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   1038d ago
Been closer to 3 years, But the fact that sony continues to release games and also seems to have plenty of games for the ps4 means that reason isn't valid for MS (at least not in my eyes). They better come hard with the games when they reveal the 720 or i wont be picking one up.
TekoIie  +   1038d ago
I think the most likely scenario of anything Halo related making an appearance is a Halo 2 remake.

Halo 5 or even a spin-off like Reach seems unlikely considering Halo 4 is not even a year old. MS will release Halo 5 when the install base is at a decent size.
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gamertk421  +   1038d ago
No, this is the crytek project, and black tusk's is yet to be revealed.
TekoIie  +   1038d ago
"Ryse is part of four major launch titles for the next-generation Xbox."

Reading helps ;)

Black Tusk is likely developing one of those titles. But seriously if theres one game I'm desperate for MS to invest in its Alan Wake. One of my favorite games this gen and I'd love Remedy to get a decent marketing campaign for it :)

"I´m fearing that Halo and Gears will die with this strategy"

Why? Halo is the Xbox's flagship franchise and Gears gets good support from MS for as long as their deal with EPIC remains. Although I gotta say Judgment was clearly a "we need to keep the Xbox relevant" title which is likely why it got shoddy marketing and minimal PR from EPIC/PCF.

MS's focus is clearly not on the 360 anymore apart from a few arcade titles.
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edonus   1037d ago | Spam
BigStef71  +   1038d ago
Sweet I've always been interested by Ryse since it was announced as Codename Kingdoms. It being Kinect game was the only detractor but I heard you could still use controller to play it. Being a launch title for the new Xbox is great because it will have a chance to sell pretty well since it most likely will be one of the better launch titles and the graphics will most likely look like Crysis 3 on pc. I hope RARE has some launch games like they did for 360
Ron_Danger  +   1038d ago
Since the Killer Instinct name fiasco is over, MS could have Rare make a new one. The only problem being that we all know how MS has been treating Rare lately.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1038d ago
Keeping them employed and well paid? Maybe they should treat them like Zipper.
MariaHelFutura  +   1038d ago
Zipper are employed and paid, they work for other 1st party studios.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1038d ago
Oh really?
Sony tells Vox Games that ALL 80 employees were impacted by the closure but that the company is TRYING to find new jobs for them. "Recruiters and management of all WWSA studios will be in touch with Zipper employees to provide information on open opportunities and we will also be providing outplacement support," a spokesperson said. "To date I DO NOT have information on team members that MAY be moving to other studios."
#6.1.3 (Edited 1038d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(15) | Report
ichimaru  +   1037d ago
"we all know how MS has been treating Rare lately."

.....I don't? If you have any info on what Ms and Rare are working on, or how thier relationship is for that matter please share
hellvaguy  +   1037d ago
"we all know how MS has been treating Rare lately"

Wow the sony fanclub sure is getting desperate to be grasping at such straws as our devs get treated better. lol I mean wow, that's a whole new level of make believe b.s. right there.
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josephayal  +   1038d ago
and the legacy continues
sandman224  +   1038d ago
I including a bunch of people are into the ps4 right now, but that could change..... Microsoft might wow us with some new exclusives that might steel the thunder from Sony. Microsoft has been top secret about there console and even controller. I can only imagine what top secret games they have to reveal at there press conference. I bet they will surprise all of us. Just remember one thing. They have a lot of MONEY.
Animal Mutha 76  +   1038d ago
I thought what you said was fair comment.
Aceman18  +   1038d ago
Them having money isn't going to make me buy the system or games i have no interest in.

for me Microsoft has always lacked the variety i look for in my games, and as it stands the only exclusives i actually cared for was Gears and Alan Wake. these two games alone aren't enough to spend hundreds of $$$$$$$$ on.
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Ashlen  +   1038d ago
Here is the tag line from the Ryse webpage.

"You are the controller. You are the warrior."

It's a Kinect game...
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MariaHelFutura  +   1038d ago
Boo!!! My controller is a better controller than I am.
Septic  +   1038d ago
Yeah it always was supposed to be one. Read the article.
Alos88  +   1038d ago
I play games, I was always the controller, and I am a much better one when I am not *the* controller.
fuff115  +   1038d ago
Ryse is not a kinect game.
its first HYBRID game dat uses both controller and kinect.
Ron_Danger  +   1038d ago
You mean the same way Steel Batallion was?? Oh boy!!
PSVita  +   1038d ago
No steel battalion was the first hybrid game remember?
Yoros_Maronum  +   1037d ago
Lol, there are even Indie-Games with a Kinect / Controller Combo.
ichimaru  +   1037d ago
that can be played with a traditional controller already confirmed.
supremacy  +   1038d ago
Well there you have it.

Both platforms will have their own racing games ready for launch.

PlayStation 4 will have Drive Club and the next xbox will have a new Forza.

I am sure the multiplats will be there as well.

Personally i cant wait for infamous second son and killzone shadow fall.

Sony hasnt shown everything just yet, we still havent seen what the console looks like or what the other developers like santa monica, naughty dog, pdigital, quantic dreams,media molecule, sony london are working on and with rumors of the last guardian and ff versus 13 coming to ps4 as ff15 exclusively, level5, we've yet to see and hear more from Sony who also is opening the platform for indies. E3 will be interesting to say the least.
#10 (Edited 1038d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Dmagic  +   1038d ago
*yawns* more forza yipi yi F'n AYE! we will see about this ryse NEW ip's are always welcome here.
riverstars86  +   1038d ago
Considering Forza keeps getting better and is almost up to par with Gran Turismo, I'm all for it. Please don't be one of those sheep who says that Forza is only an arcade game. It may not be as good a simulator as GT, but for racing fans like others and myself, it is a great game not to be mocked.
majiebeast  +   1038d ago
Please do not compare subpar Forza with masterpiece Gran Turismo, its in a league of its own.
#11.1.1 (Edited 1038d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(31) | Report
Dmagic  +   1038d ago
thats a opinion and mine is i dont like forza and it comes out too much has nothing to do with being sheep and yep i do think GT is king.
Animal Mutha 76  +   1038d ago
standard cars....
GABRIEL1030  +   1038d ago
Gran Turismo 5 has a lot of options is an incredible game, the online is very deep and every month the producer release events. The game is inmense with a thousand of players online: racing, competing, sharing. The evolution of the game is in the online, not in the graphics, 1 year since I bought the game and I have lot of events to play. GT5 is a monster.
Septic  +   1038d ago
I'm sorry but as much as GT is a better simulator than Forza, Forza is a better game.
saint_seya  +   1038d ago
I think you are right on this one, i never had the chance to try it, but i heard good things from it, even from a friend that is a ps3 fan, and got a 360 for her girlfriend (her girlfriend was/is a big fan of gt5 but she also loved forza).
Supermax  +   1038d ago
Ms will have a new ip fps that we have not herd of for a launch title on par with halo and gears ryse is neither
fuff115  +   1038d ago
Ryse is not a kinect game..!!
its first HYBRID game dat uses both controller and kinect.
and KINECT 2.0 will be Perfectly Accurate and Precise.
#13 (Edited 1038d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
wow if true..I am a bit more excited for Ryse.
Ron_Danger  +   1038d ago
Since you posted the same comment earlier, I'll reply again:

You mean the same way Steel Batallion was?? Oh boy!!
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
@Ron_Danger no doubt about it, Steel Batallion was a huge let down. I think the clear expectation here would be a hybrid game working with the new improved Kinect. It certainly warrants a bit of hesitation in terms of genuine excitement for sure given the SB failure.

I will also add in I think SB's failures were both Kinect driven and developer driven. It was a Hybrid game and the dev had many options on how they could use Kinect...I felt some of their choices like in cockpit view changing by swiping your hands was a horrid idea. standing up to look outside the mech... quite intuitive. Using your hand to bring up binoculars also not bad in implementation. Thrusting the controller forward to go into the tank gun view... horrendous idea. Also the level designs and enemy AI were both just about as poorly done as could be and that had nothing to do with Kinect and everything to do with the developer just not designing a good game.
edonus   1038d ago | Spam
Kingdom Come  +   1037d ago
Steel Battalion didn't have the phenomenal Crytek at its helm.
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
So seeing a new Forza game is not surprising given its pretty much a standard to have a racing game at launch. Given Turn 10 didn't actually do the Forza Horizon spin off game it makes sense that Turn 10 would be behind the new game.

Ryse...we all knew it was still coming so not shocking but a bit shocking to hear they are getting behind it like a Gears or Halo.

Zombie game... Zombies are all the rage. I do hope this is NOT the Undead Labs game State of Decay only because I really was looking forward to that game this year and from all I understand its an XBLA game.

Family oriented game on Island... what I like here is it seems Kinect is being used for integrating you into the game but not controlling. I am going to assume this is some kind of platform / exploration game.

So basically we have something for everyone on this list save for a competitive FPS game ....but I am sure we will be seeing a COD next gen announced / shown at the MS conf.
lovegames718  +   1038d ago

You keep thinking that the new kinect will be perfectly accurate and precise lol hahahahaha. I bet you ran to the store to get a kinect when you saw the milo tech demo that never happened or Micro told you that playing with crap kinect was better than a controller lol You should have learned a long time ago not to believe what most devs and Micro say lol

Just ask angry Joe what he thinks!!!!
Sevir  +   1038d ago
We already knew this, Ruse was confirmed to be a next gen title by crytek in 2012, they said the game was way too ambitious for the 360. So I'm not surprised. And from what is shown from the debut trailer, its a Kinect focused game, it may very well be hybrid like but the game's trailer says Kinect.

This is good news as we an see smoke everywhere, News on the Next Gen Xbox is starting to come in, much like how News on the PS4 started heating up in December and caught a blaze in January just before Sony Dropped the teaser on Feb first.
nigelp520  +   1038d ago
No rareware hardcore games original ips. Ps4 for me
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
Is that even a sentence?
JeffGUNZ  +   1038d ago
nigelp520  +   1038d ago
I forgot or lol
Animal Mutha 76  +   1038d ago
Oh man Forza would get my attention.

Forza 4 is a masterpiece of a racing game apart from the rip off DLC's which I had most cars in F3.

As for Kinect the head tracking feature of Forza 4 works really well if you have everything setup correctly.

More AutoVista car porn please.
ichimaru  +   1037d ago
lol at your disagrees buddy. don't take any hard feelings but 12 other people get butt hurt when you think that Forza is a masterpiece
Animal Mutha 76  +   1028d ago
Tell me about it. Too many Sony extremists. So much for voicing an opinion :)

I bet most of the 12 have never played F4
GABRIEL1030  +   1038d ago
I have a 360 and It's a nice console. I'm dissapointed about the last years of the 360, because there isn't new Ip's and Microsot is focusing in Kinect with bad and casual games, also there a lot of franchises burned for sobreexplotation like Gears, Forza and the same Halo.

Now the 720 rumors are all bad, always connected, deal with it, second hand restrictions, TV box and for last the games: The same casuals games for Kinect and the same recicled games like Forza.

I'm sad, if PS4 doesnt convince me I'll buy a decent game PC. :(
PCfanboy  +   1038d ago
Crytek good doing boring games.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1038d ago
Ive looked at its website on Crytek page and it clearly says: "You are the controller, You are the warrior Ryse". Pretty much a dead giveaway. And I watched the trailer there also and there is this guy Doing motion gaming Holding an imaginary Sword and Shield. Watch it guys. So its official MS wants to force Kincet 2.0 down your throats whether you like it or not. And then there was this "Glacier Blast" which is also a dead giveaway if you will be using a standard controller. Here's the site to save you the trouble
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
You do know that is the old trailer they showed off at E3 in 2011 when it was supposedly still coming to the 360.
#21.1 (Edited 1038d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1037d ago
Yep I know. But think about it what is taking them so long to release it? One possible reason is they are now transferring it to Next Xbox. Since we can see now that Xbox 360 is somewhat not receiving exclusives lately only Gears judgement. So they are saving all their Surprises for their Next gen Xbox
ichimaru  +   1037d ago
"So its official MS wants to force Kincet 2.0 down your throats whether you like it or not"

are you a big boy or not. can you make informed adult decisions or not. MS isn't forcing me or you to buy anything. if they market the game to oblivion and I still don't like what I see I'll buy other games for the 720. you didn't assume sony was pushing move on you with a ten minute mini film during thier conference. please shovel your troll droppings elsewhere its getting ridiculous
#21.2 (Edited 1037d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1037d ago
Oh im sorry, Im sorry, Let me rephrase MS is forcing Kincet 2.0 in almost everygame that comes out in xbox 720. I wouldnt be surprised if they incorporate it in games that are played with controllers like COD, Assassins creed and next gen games such as watch dogs.
#21.2.1 (Edited 1037d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
SlavisH2  +   1038d ago
Why do so many people post on xbox related articles if they hate xbox? I am not a kinect person but i will wait to get some offical info before i judge.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1038d ago
hey look its people being negative on n4g
MariaHelFutura  +   1038d ago
You complain about N4G as much as anyone complains about anything around here.
sega gaga  +   1038d ago
If Forza Motorsport 5 is a launch game = must get the new xbox on day one. :)
InTheLab  +   1038d ago
Hope there's a new Crackdown. A real Crackdown and not a reskin of C1+zombies and beacon hunting...
Eldyraen  +   1038d ago
I too wouldn't mind a new, upgraded Crackdown. It was a really cool idea and a lot of fun to play with friends especially. With new hardware they could iron out a few of its weak points as well as expanding a bit on the core design.

I enjoyed the first more though although I always thought it needed more variety and enemy encounters. I would love for MS (or any company) to take a look at some of the MMO shooters (like Defiance now) but keep the verticalicity where you had some areas that are more open ala Defiance but also more urban environments with all the highrises, Platforming and Action that Crackdown allowed for.

With new hardware it is more likely that open world games can become coop without making as many tradeoffs (or look atleast as good as single player of this gen). I would love something like Crackdown, Infamous, etc to be coop and not just rely on MMOs for some decent open world coop Action (which I also hope we see more of next gen). Borderlands sort of broke the mold as some games had it (mostly exclusives) but it is the one that really took off (in part due to multiplatform--wider audience--but also just being "better" and more finely tuned most of the time).

Part of what I'm trying to get at is there is a huge market for coop enabled games that is largely being ignored. Its one of the best things MS has actually done as nearly all of its best selling exclusives (and multiplatform titles) allow for single player, coop, and competitive all in one (Halo and Gears--both undeniably great sellers with loyal fans no matter if you like it or not).

I just hope next gen we see a few more from all parties as I love a great single player experience, coop, as well as competitive. Its one of the main reasons why I am wanting to see so much more of Destiny as if its one thing Bungie knows how to do its give a great value for your dollar that entertains varied player types all in one package.

On Sony's front I'd love if they created a new top down Everquest game to go along side the rymored EQ3 as had a blast playing them singleplayer and coop as well ;) Or like I said make an Infamous coop game... or a new IP somewhat similar. DC Universe was fun but an MMO is not quite the same.
sprinterboy  +   1038d ago
Never owned a 360, but i was intersted in getting one when they announced original kinect, but fell short of my expectations, I just think it came to early to prolong the 360 life cycle, i think kinect with the new MS console will be more what they were aiming for and will keep a close on it during the E3 conference, PS4 day 1 but if kinect 2 looks promising and lives up to my previous expectations i will certainly look into buying one further down the line.
edonus   1038d ago | Spam
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1038d ago
Definitely looking foward to Cryteks Ryse running on CryEngine3 and DX11.1. Its going to be awesome.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1037d ago
10 years from now people will be arguing about what's the greatest gaming story of all time: Halo, Gears of War, or Ryse?

I hope I'm voting for Ryse when the time comes!
WeAreLegion   1037d ago | Trolling | show
ThatsGaming  +   1037d ago
I hope that Ryse is not Kinect only then. Looks like a solid title, but I am not a huge fan of Kinect for core games.
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