Microsoft dismisses Blu-ray as "historic phenomenon"

MS: shift away from discs will happen sooner than any of us think

Xbox Europe boss, Chris Lewis, has been praising digital downloads and dismissing Blu-rays victory. He says we will soon look back at shiny discs in the way that we think about vinyl or VCRs today. Lewis believes that despite Blu-rays victory the transition from downloads to digital discs will happen sooner than any of us think. "That's the future direction, and I think that's going to be the case in the next 12-18 months," he said. He concluded that HD DVDs demise will have no effect on the Xbox 360 and that their system is the best for digital downloads.


"That's the future direction, and I think that's going to be the case in the next 12-18 months," he predicted. "I think we're going to be talking much more about that than anything else. Do I think that this Christmas will somehow be defined by DVD playback? I genuinely don't think that will be the case. I do not think that [the demise of HD DVD] will have any material impact on our console velocity. And I think other factors, specifically our architecture around downloads, is far more advantageous and important for the future."

He added: "We are best placed to offer that, we already offer that, our online pedigree is such that we will offer the best and most seamless experience."

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Ghoul3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

He says we will soon look back at shiny discs in the way that we think about vinyl or VCRs today

with one MAJOR difference they are all physical storages.
Taking the costumer the physical copy would be a dream come true for ms to overwork the useragreement for software usage.

Ms also said vista would be revolutionary, bluray would fail, etc.

Cwalat3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

can i say more than LOL ?

the same guy that praised HD-DVD 5 months ago during the war,
now is absolutely dismissing nextgen Discformats... LOL

someone needs to slap him in the face and bring him back to reality,
inorder for digital downloads to become the next big thing, we need atleast 1000 GB for a price of 10$ or else it would flop.. easy as that.

and you can forget the highquality that Blu-ray delivers, instead we would get 20gb hd-dvd files for download. and that would take about 3-4 days to download with normal internet connection.

LastDance3755d ago

2 years!! haha this guy is the biggest robot ever.

PRs need to understand the difference between....Opinion. Fact.
and wish list.

Ill look at his shiny bald head and remeber the days when people had a brain.

HighDefinition3755d ago

"Microsoft dismisses Blu-ray as historic phenomenon"

The PS brand would say the same about your gaming system.

MURKERR3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

backed the wrong format so really judging a victor is just a sore loser

especially considering youve made a hoopla stating that you will use bluray drives in your pc

sonarus3755d ago

bottom line is, no true high def for 360 only owners unless they buy stand alone or ps3. 12-18 months comes as quite a shock to me. but we will see

TheTwelve3755d ago

It seems that Microsoft has chosen to avoid humiliating themselves by accepting Blu-Ray.

O.K. It makes things easier that way. I never wanted Microsoft to accept Blu-Ray. I like things to be different, and in opposition. We consumers only gain from this.


spandexxking3755d ago

also piracy is a big thing. downloading things like MP3 is big because people just download illegaly. its gonna be hard to actually make DD mainstream

killax35633755d ago

MS is talking too much sh!t lately. Instead of talking, they should work on improving their game.

OmegaKulu3755d ago

In terms of PR, its fine for him to say all these, as long as MS NEVER put a BD drive on 360. But again, both company have done things they dismiss, that PR for ya.

sonarus3755d ago

Seriously speaking Msoft just needs to shut up. You know sometimes if you have nothing good to say better not to say it at all and empty barrels make the loudest noise

marinelife93755d ago

Yeah well Microsoft said live anywhere and xboxlive on your PC was the future as well.

Sorry microsoft but the actual content providers (the movie studios) all say that downloadable content is a long ways off. Too complicated for most people, lower copy protection, lower film and audio quality, limited bandwidth.

marinelife93755d ago

Don't worry about us Microsoft. If downloadable content does become mainstream us PS3 owners will just go out and pickup a bigger hd to fit all that hi def content on.

Maybe even one of those 2.5" TB hard drives Sony is working on.

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VigorousApathy3755d ago

More of this? Honestly, most 360's can only hold 1 or 2 high definition movies tops. And then where is your room to play video games? Oh wait you're not allowed to have video games that require an HDD. I guess your system is the best for digital downloads. 2 movies for all! The future is now!

Ghoul3755d ago


it's so weird what they say, it makes no sense at all.

Arcade with a 256 memory stick ?
pro with 20gb ?
live dowload size capped at 150 mb ?

the only sku capable of aquiring digital dowloads is the elite wich costs as much as the ps3 :)

Maddens Raiders3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

does that make the Wii, the second coming or a gift of future alien visitation, analogously speaking? 8D

Someone at MSFT needs to wake up and smell the coffee in relation to all of these press releases on Blu-ray recently. All of this posturing and (I hate to say it) whining...just makes things look worse for you more than they really are quite frankly.

Edit/ a disagree? Well I take that back, maybe things really don't look that well then... =O

Meus Resistance3755d ago

Blu-ray would simply diminish the value of my 360. Downloaded movies are great, they cost less than a rental from Blockbuster, and don't take long to download.

The 360 is the best console. We have the best games and the best online service. This is not an opinion. This is fact.

Keowrath3755d ago

No, that's a comment that shouldn't be in the gamer zone. not only should you be banned for impersinating Meus but your comments are blatant open zone rubbish.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when you try and steal someone elses identity you don't even deserve that.

Silverwolf3755d ago

Digital downloads can kiss my a$$. Once you run out of storage space then what? Delete then re-download that's if the user agreement let's you. I prefer to have ownership of my media in a physical form that doesn't require me to download anything.

Vip3r3755d ago

Thats what I thought too and here are some reasons I'll be sticking to disks for films:

*Having to upgrate the HDD which could be troublesome and expensive.
*If your HDD fail you have to download everything again.
*You can't buy a film and then watch it at a friends house.
*Films won't have umcompressed audio and picture quality to reduce file size to improve download efficiency.
*If your internet goes down then your screwed for movies.
*Like silverwolf said, DRM could prevent you from downloading a film after a certain amount to times.

That along with the fact that most people have slow internet speed and probably won't want to buy a HDD movie player after getting a BD player would be a challenge and a half for Microsoft if they want DD to work.