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Submitted by DPAD Dave 962d ago | news

Ubisoft devs confirm next-gen Xbox, Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed 4 coming to 'X720'

Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag are both being developed for Microsoft's unannounced next-gen Xbox, a pair of Ubisoft employees appear to have confirmed. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

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MariaHelFutura  +   962d ago
This should surprise no one.
a_bro  +   962d ago
thats why i liked the fact that sony announced the PS4 early, just to let the cat out the bag. Everyone knew both consoles where due out this year. why hide it, and keep these companies under NDA, when they are working on next-gen games?
Mustang300C2012  +   962d ago
Learn how business works then you wouldn't ask the question. NDAs are there for more than simply announcing a console game or details.
a_bro  +   962d ago
I know that, but still... We've known the existance of these consoles since last year. it makes no sense to hide it.
dcbronco  +   962d ago
When you're in competition you keep as much as you can secret so that competitors don't steal your ideas.
nukeitall  +   962d ago
On top of what Mustang300C2012 and dcbronco said, it's a key business decision when, where and how to announce your product. Especially something as big as the next generation Xbox that you invest billions of dollars into.
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ape007  +   962d ago
I like the since of mystique surrounding the new XBOX
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MariaHelFutura  +   962d ago
I personally don't see how saying something everyone knew is creating a sense of mystique. Unless, you're talking about something else.
darthv72  +   962d ago
the existance of the system...
isnt what is being kept secret. Its the details of how the system is comprised that is being kept under wraps.

Ms will do their reveal when its convenient for them. Perhaps their reveal is more than what sony did. Maybe theirs will actually show the system and give price and details about how it works with live or if a new live will be released to coincide.

simply saying "we are working on a new system" and then not showing anything isnt their style. They generally are more prepared for such things because its better to address the questions people will have at the same time.
Godz Kastro  +   962d ago
Why hide it? Glad you dont work for anyone that has to keep their projects secret. Devs have been saying "headed to nextgen consoles"... Maeaning ps/xbox... really easy
fr0sty  +   961d ago
There are plenty of good reasons to hide it. For instance, you don't want to negatively impact the sales of current generation consoles before your next generation system is ready, and if you announce too early, you won't have enough content to show (those demos aren't made overnight, and the developers have to take time away from developing the games in order to make the demos ready to show). Not to mention the secrecy aspect of it, so your competition doesn't steal your ideas.
ChrisW  +   961d ago
I was under the assumption that after Sony released the specs for the PS4, Microsoft was making tweeks and small changes... Or at least that was the rumor I heard.

If this is true, it's no surprise that MS is taking its time. Nonetheless, I think the anticipation is most important here. They've created quite a buzz already.
sway_z  +   962d ago
The only difference I can see between the Next Gen consoles will be the 1st party games.

Multiplats will look identical.

The deciding factor in which of the 2 is purchased will come down to what games you prefer.

Some will buy both, but I want just one console next gen....

Cannot wait til E3!



Yeah, I agree to a point. But I care less about anything other than playing quality games on a quality console. I don't care for other services (TV etc) I already pay for.
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Ezz2013  +   962d ago
""The only difference I can see between the Nex Gen consoles is the 1st party games. Multiplats will look identical. ""

i like that ...and i hope this will be always the case
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Intentions  +   962d ago
I know that I will eventually own all of them.

MariaHelFutura  +   962d ago
There will still be people counting pixels on tree bark and claiming superiority because of it.
nukeitall  +   962d ago

"The deciding factor in which of the 2 is purchased will come down to what games you prefer."

That is only partially true anymore. Consoles has migrated beyond just gaming, just like (smart) phones have migrated far past just to make calls. Consoles aren't just simply dumb gaming boxes anymore.

The differentiation and competition will encompass platform, features, services, convenience, interface, games and so on.
humbleopinion  +   960d ago
It's not just games, but also features: The PS3 had a bluray which was a distinctive feature, The PS4 will have game streaming and we don't know if and what MS will offer to counter that. Games might look identical (probably not even that), but the question is will they play identical.
Kaiou  +   962d ago
Yup , It will only surprise microsoft .
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SilentNegotiator  +   961d ago
I, for one, am totally speechless.

lauren1whe   961d ago | Spam
Peanuts110  +   961d ago
Secrecy worked for Nintendo. Let see how it does for Sony/MS. That we don't end up with their biggest secret of all RROD/YLOD. I hope they developed their systems to last a little longer this time.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   962d ago
"The games are listed on the LinkedIn profiles of Ubisoft gameplay programmer Paolo Maninetti and marketing artist Phil Brolles, who state between them that both games are headed to "X720"."

~You guys better watch out, MS's Ninjas will be out for you.~
games333  +   962d ago
Why did they have to confirm this?
redDevil87  +   962d ago
MS has obviously told devs and publishers to start leaking info about the Durango's upcoming games. They need to overshadow the recent bad press.

It's a controlled leak.
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JeffGUNZ  +   962d ago
If you actually believe that lol
kickerz  +   961d ago
I just took a controlled leak in the toilet :) haha sorry couldn't help myself
_-EDMIX-_  +   961d ago
He's right. No publisher thus far has "confirmed" such a thing. In fact, most just kept pretending on wasn't even being worked on. Nothing in business is done on accident. They very much gave publishers permission to start stating 720 exist.
g-nome  +   962d ago
Like we do not know already.
Bathyj  +   962d ago
Announcing a game for an unannounced console?

Can they do that?
Munky  +   962d ago
Maybe MS has unofficially loosened up the reigns that allows the devs to at least acknowledge the Nextbox exists.
Dlacy13g  +   962d ago
I tend to think Munky is right. Not only do we get Ubisoft aknowledging its existence and confirming games but we also get a new "leak" in the last couple of days that in a nut shell counters all the negative rumors that were swirling around the Twitter debacle.

I think MS quietly loosened things up to stop the PR Nightmare spin that was happening. And this way they still can have their "big reveal" event without appearing to have caved to pressure.
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ziggurcat  +   962d ago
"Announcing a game for an unannounced console?

Can they do that?"

pretty sure there were some mentions about PS4 games before sony announced it... but i may be mistaken.
Bathyj  +   961d ago
Well I've thought all along that ms were deliberately leaking stuff just so they could gauge reaction to it. They get to see if people were pissed but still willing to swallow it, or pissed but ready to mutiny, then base their strategy on that. Im thinking maybe the specs leaks were probably close to the money but the always on stuff is not gonna happen even if at one point it might have been intended.
sway_z  +   962d ago
@nukeitall ..with respect :)

Screw all this convoluted, unnecessarily complicated crap coming with next gen.

Most people buy a console to play GAMES...These so-called services are just another way of these companies attempts to squeeze more money out of the gamer.

Let's get back to basics - We are Gamers...that's the only service that interests me.

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MariaHelFutura  +   962d ago
Yep. Games matter the most to me, anything else is just a bonus.
Ezz2013  +   962d ago
you said it ...consoles ultimate goal is gaming
every thing else is just bouns
Hicken  +   961d ago
The other stuff isn't bad. But it shouldn't be the focus of a gaming console. You don't buy a phone to primarily surf the web if it sucks as a phone... unless you've been brainwashed by Apple. Then you'll buy old cat poop if they put "i" in front of it.

As long as the 720 excels as a gaming console, and as long as Microsoft doesn't go overboard with the fees and such, it should do alright.


Edit: Also, just acknowledging the console is coming doesn't really impact much. It's not like Sony or Nintendo couldn't find out, from hints here and there within the industry, that Microsoft WAS making a new console. So if a dev says, "Yeah, our multiplat game will be on the next Xbox," that shouldn't be a problem at all.

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FragMnTagM  +   961d ago
I think the point that is missed here is that the console usually resides in the living room and MS wants moms, dads, kids and so on to be entertained by the device, not just the gamer.

My consoles are used mainly for gaming. PC, mainly for gaming and media storage. This is not the case in a lot of households. I know a few people that use consoles for nearly everything but gaming. It is more attractive to have a small console instead of a media PC, even though the media PC can and will do more.

I'm all for my console doing multiple things as long as it doesn't get in the way of gaming like the end of the 360 did. If they give us some new exclusive games and keep the always on for something other than games, MS will do just fine.

Either way, I am sure I will have a 720 and PS4 sitting next to each other by the end of the year. If Wii U gets some games I want, I will probably get that too. For now, my gaming PC is where it is at, as I am bored with the 360 and PS3.
dmeador  +   961d ago
Personally I'm not just a gamer, I love tech and how we can take what we have and combine it in awesome and interesting ways.

You say convoluted and unnecessary, I say robust and additional. Phones and TVs are a great example of taking old school and applying new ideas in a "smart" and useful way. I love being able to have apps on my phone, and watch netflix straight from my TV.

They are of course trying to make money, but I think its more from the perspective of "hey, buy my product because it has more/better stuff than the other guy". Which I dont think is a bad thing, just healthy competition. That is great for gamers.

To end my wall-o-text, I'll just say that these new features are what is going to make the decision on whether I go with Sony or Microsoft next gen. The games are so similar you cant go wrong.
Zeusprototype  +   961d ago
I imagine your the type of person who would refuse to do any thing other on his pc then the base purpose you got it for........hey wake up son technology adapts.
josephayal  +   962d ago
Bravo, The xbox 720 is going to change the way we play games
M-M  +   962d ago
More like change the way we watch TV.
josephayal  +   961d ago
i couldn't agree more with you
Dlacy13g  +   962d ago
I don't need the next xbox to change the way we play games to be honest...but I certainly do like the idea of one device that can do many things outside of gaming (related to my Television of course) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Play games similar to what I play now...not iOS games like cut the rope but real full blown games.

This added functionality mind you needs to be super slick and super quick. While I love the added apps of the PS3 and 360 both systems are clunky to move between apps, games and Television. It needs to be a vast improvement over what we have now in order for me to be all on-board for the added features otherwise a new PC might be a better choice for me.
abzdine  +   962d ago
what a surprise
CEOSteveBallmer  +   962d ago
This next generation is like the old rivalry "SNES vs. Sega Genesis" Now its PS4 vs. Xbox 720. same thing can be said for PS3 vs. 360
YodaCracker  +   961d ago
Except unlike this gen where PlayStation had about 6 times the fan base of Xbox going in, this time they have about equal fan bases so it will be a real fight.
strickers  +   961d ago
With a big 360 head start. That may be very significant in ww sales.
I think this arguing makes gaming look a bit silly though. Both machines will be good, I'm sure.
I will go ps4 for Sony games, others will go Xbox for MS games......and hardly anyone buys a Wii U ;-) ( joking....ish).
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AmkOwns  +   962d ago
so now it's acutally called Xbox 720? bahah how lame
HarryB  +   962d ago
Imagine if its really called xbox 361?
ElitaStorm  +   961d ago
u want to know why they called it 360?

when they knew that there will be a ps3 and microsoft had only xbox 1, they couldnt call their next xbox XBOX-2 because in ppls mind 3 is better then 2 so they called it 3-60.
because 3-60 sounds better then 3.

that same method is used for pricing stuff like for exemple the price of a ps3 is 300$ in my shop but in the other shops it only 299$. that way ppl buy the ps3 that is for 299$ because it sounds cheaper
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Urusernamesucks  +   961d ago
How is it any different from playstations;1,2,3 AND 4!
jesus thats just lame.
Funky Town_TX  +   961d ago
very different
Sony was very creative when picking a name for each playstation system. There was a lot thought put into the Playstation 4 name.
Urusernamesucks  +   960d ago
"There was a lot thought put into the Playstation 4 name"

yeah i can sure tell/s
HarryB  +   962d ago
I heard that the watch dogs video they showed with the ps4 unveil was actually pc game play can we confirm this?
JAM_brz  +   961d ago
Yes, you heard right
JAM_brz  +   961d ago
Serious??????????????????????? ?

My world just changed
portiefeltner   961d ago | Spam
DivineAssault  +   961d ago
I wouldve NEVER in a million years guessed that one.. Damn, that was some mind blowing news from them
Drainage  +   961d ago
damn that sucks i was hoping ps4 hog all the games
madjedi  +   961d ago
Finally enough of this bullshit we cannot comment on that topic, the people even remotely considering the next box are either launch adopters or shortly after.

The people getting a ps4 or 720 already have had their systems for 4+ yr, ms or sony won't be losing ps3 or 360 sales to the ps4 or 720.

The people getting a ps3 or 360 cheaply atm, will laugh if you tried to sell them a $500 next gen system. Why should casuals get a $500 next gen for features or apps, they likely already have a ps3, 360, or a tablet which has plenty of both.

The first 2 yrs of both systems bulk of sales will be gamers, i don't see a subscription model being worth it for non gamers.
Zeusprototype  +   961d ago
tv on the xbox
why are people hating on this feature? i already watch sky, youtube bbc iplayer love film and netflix on mine, so why would it matter if i could watch my actualy tv through it? it doesnt make me any less of a hardcore gamer to enjoy not having to swap between my digital and my xbox to watch a series or my pc and my tv to watch a film etc etc.

It CAN be a hardcore gaming machine and a media center (pc's have for years) Dont put your own limitations on it.
Peanuts110  +   961d ago
It really depends what MS does with the Xbox360. If they keep supporting it that will be fine. The millions of people who own and use it as a media hub will not need xbox720. Xbox360 does everything that it needs to do. If they decide to discontinue support for it (via XBL) like they did to Xbox. Shutting down the servers. Forcing them to upgrade. Why buy it. Their Xbox Live Gold model only worked because they tied the features with people who already had an gold account. And we went along with it.
When these features shouldn't need a XBL subscription to really work. If you pay for Netflix why should you pay XBL to use it on their console (It should be for free, Like on PS3).
The Xbox720 is going to be a very hard sell. Odds are people will be choosing a different media device because people don't like it when try you pull a fast one on them. MS may have gotten a great following with the 360. The 720 for hard core gamers. Not so much for the couch potato. Unless they come out with something amazing.
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