Capcom Listens: Bionic Commando Rearmed Priced at $10

A little less than a month ago Capcom asked the gaming community what it would pay for Bionic Commando Rearmed: $10 or $15? Well, the votes have been tallied by Capcom a little less than a month later, which resulted in 83% saying $10 and 17% saying $15. Capcom went ahead and listened to the majority vote and priced the game at $10 (or 800 Microsoft Points) for the Playstation 3 PSN and Xbox 360 XBLA.

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Da360sucks3928d ago

if its 10 ill buy
15 ill pass

TheWickedOne3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Wouldn't everyone say 10 over 15? geez. I'd pay about 5 for it.

Dark_Vendetta3928d ago

I thought the same :D. I would buy it even for 15$ but hey if I have the opportunity to get it cheaper, why would I vote for 15$?

Keowrath3928d ago

yeah, you'd be pretty stupid to say $15 but hey, some people have more sense than brains.

$10 works out at about £5 here, that's peanuts for a game that's any good. I was a fan of the arcade but this is going to add kind of VR missions, 2 player mode and there's at least 1 unlockable skin that's useable in the next gen Bionic Commando game. I just hope they don't pull a Super Puzzle Fighter HD on us in the EU. I.E. We're still waiting for it here.

longduckdong3927d ago

aren't really Japanese anymore. They prefer the XBOX. And the quality doesn't say 2008 to me. I would pass unless it was free basically.