Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has cybersharks and mutant cassowarys | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "What else is there left to say about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon? After a series of leaks - some more convenient than others for Ubisoft, it would seem - there's little that hasn't been teased at, hinted towards or just gracelessly plastered onto YouTube.

Sit down with creative director Dean Evans, though, and it turns out there's plenty left to say - and Evans is going to say it as energetically as possible, and with a fistful of colourful language thrown in to boot. A pepper-bearded Brit wearing slightly over-sized glasses and a matching WESC hoodie and cap, he's the embodiment of the punky, pop savvy spirit that defines Blood Dragon."

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RedDeadLB2073d ago

Mutant cassowaries who plan to overthrow the human/cyborg species no less xD