BioWare: Mass Effect 2 360 exclusive - "for at least a short period of time", developer tells CVG

CVG reports that Despite its comfortable new digs at Electronic Arts, it looks like BioWare plans to keep its Mass Effect trilogy exclusive to Xbox 360 - for at least the time being.

"I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time," BioWare senior manager Matt Atwood revealed to CVG on the subject of the sequel's release plans.

"We're still working out the details on that, but we've had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well."

It had been speculated that following the Electronic Arts buyout, the Microsoft-published RPG would take a multi-platform route with its two announced sequels.

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sonarus3725d ago

he said at least so might not even make it to ps3:(. i predict a petition in the next hr lol

TheTwelve3725d ago

Woah. This is basically a guarantee that it's coming to the PS3.


TheSadTruth3725d ago

he obviously means for the PC

PS3 ports from Xbox 360 titles do not end up well.. they have to be built from the ground up

marinelife93725d ago

I'm not so sure I want a hand me down port that has limited content because of dvd capacity. You guys can play it I'll be playing FFXIII instead.

masterg3725d ago

I don't understand developers today.
As I see it you either go exclusive or hit release date at the same time. Every time we a see a port that comes out later the sales are no where near the games where they come out at the same time.

Call of duty 4/Assassins Creed ... That's how you do multi-console.

caffman3725d ago

if madden wants to play it

tidus0073725d ago


Nothing is needed

By the end of PS3 will have 2x/3x as large a base as x360 in europe.

It will match /surpass x360s base in USA/NA too.

so ofcourse Bioshock 2/Mass effect 2 would be ported on to the console with the biggest Install base of that time ---which is undoubtedly PS3.

Europe matters more this GEN cuz europeans now have MORE PURCHASING POWER

I wont be surprised if PS3 ends up selling 100 Million in its lifetime in europe alone

MGS4/KZ2/RESISTANCE 2 have over 2 million preorders each in EUROPE alone

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Iamback3725d ago

It will be timed exclusive, you dont have to be rocket scientist to understand that. Bioware is now owned by EA, biggest publisher in the world. They gave 1 billion dollars for Biware and Pandemic, they want to make money on them, and game will be 100% multiplatform. It will be time exclusive for couple of months but it is so coming to PS3. By them PS3 will have over 20 million install base, if not more and who is crazy enough to say no to that? Definitely not biggest multiplat publisher like EA.
Quote me on this folks, MS2 will come to PS3 eventually, its only logical scenario.

HarryEtTubMan3725d ago

I'veid it over and over again. Mass Effect and Bioshock are coming to the PS3.


caffman3725d ago

say something to make it count. Bioshock and Mass effect will never be on PS3. Make do with what you have (if you have a PS3 of course)

tidus0073725d ago

Mass Effect 2 and Bio Shock 2 will both be on PS3

By the time of their releases PS3 would have as big a userbase as X360 in USA

and 3x/4x as large as base as DEAD 360 in EUROPE ( 60% x360s are already traded in for PS3 there)

2K is in a BAD shape and so they would have to bring out both ME and BIOSHOCK 2 on PS3 if it is to survive

PLUS why would they make these games for DEAD PLATFORMS.

by 2009 x360 will be fully dead not only in EUROPE and JAPAN but also in USA

AngryTypingGuy3725d ago


You mean like how the 360 got Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and is getting Resident Evil 5? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, lame laugh, lame laugh, AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

thekingofMA3725d ago

Take Two owns Mass Effect right? ha youre so misinformed

also, those are fairly large predictions to throw around-and judging by your past comments, you know absolutely nothing, so obviously i expect no one to believe you

also-id really like to see a link to that "60% of European 360's traded in for ps3" story...

Chubear3725d ago

You can't possiblly that naive not to see that not only is Bioshock 2 and ME 2 coming to the PS3 but also Bioshock1 and ME1.

It's plain as day to see. Ok, you might feel a little peeved at this and you're jsut trying to irk someone but if you realy believe what you're sayign now then wow.

Word of advise, don't say that anymore cause the more you say it, the more likey someone's going to use your comment for major pwnage later on.

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VigorousApathy3725d ago

That's ashame. The original Mass Effect had nowhere else to go. Now it's apparently one of many titles that will be held back by Microsoft. Poor Bioware.

Nevers3725d ago

"nowhere else to go" hahaha, really?

The ending was totally open-ended for sequels. There's also tons of room for exploring the alien controlled systems in later sequels too(since all the main plot systems were mainly human)

Gameplay needs a bit o' polishing and the elevators should be cut entirely but this was a very good story that potentially has many, many routes it could take.

I'm still curious how the rumored transfer of your ME1 character will work out for the sequels... especially if the sequels might be going multi-plat.

VigorousApathy3725d ago

I meant in terms of the article. Nowhere else to go as far as consoles. Obviously it's well-suited to sequels.

jiinn3725d ago

Funny, but Bioware *just* said:

"We're still working out the details on that, but we've had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well."

It looks like another stellar exclusive new IP that Microsoft helped nurture and encourage.

Microsoft sure is going a great job of bringing the best projects exclusivity to the Xbox 360. Great news is that it is going to continue.

solar3725d ago

it would be wise of MS to keep the ME IP 360 console exclusive for all 3 games.

Breakfast3725d ago

I think they are...Xbox, PC release just like every other game... i doubt MS would let this go. Theyre not stupid

solar3725d ago

they may not be stupid...but they do do some stupid things :P