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Next Gen Doubts

Topher, from thenerdfilter, explains his reasoning behind having doubts about the upcoming releases of the Xbox 720/Durango, and the Playstation 4 (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   772d ago
I do have to agree, good read
bigbadtoph  +   772d ago
Thank you, kind sir.
dcbronco  +   771d ago
I wouldn't listen to the rumors. Especially not on Durango since there are far too many of them and the only ones that get any traction are the negative ones. If half the positive ones got traction buying the Durango would be a no brainer.

I would wait on the specs and make a decision based on what fits better. There are still things that can be done to make it better for people in your situation. Sony does help with free online. Microsoft could really help by allowing family accounts in the same home to run off of one disc. Not sure how it would be done but there has to be some way given the mandatory install rumor. That would save you a lot of money.

But I wouldn't buy a Wii U. It is too far behind the specs of the others. And too close to the most likely price points. It seems like it would just be a bad deal. And it lacks third party support. Though free dev kits should help that a lot.
edonus  +   772d ago
This is an echo chamber blog. The concerns about always online have pretty much been clarified, that is a function of the the xbox mini which is a totally different device. There has been info stating the drango will play used games and rentals as well.

Since the console hasnt been announced yet all of these things are rumors so trying to hold one set of rumors above another is just fanboyism in its purest form.

Or maybe they just havent kept up with the news.
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MasterCornholio  +   772d ago
But isn't the Xbox mini just a rumor? Just like the rumors of the split shock controller it could very well be false.

Don't know why people take any rumors (whether positive or negative) to be true before the official announcement of the system.

Motorola RAZR i
Ezz2013  +   772d ago
""""The concerns about always online have pretty much been clarified"""&qu ot;

no, nothing was clarified
you are talking about rumor deny a rumor
no facts here

untill MS deny or confirm those rumores
nothing changed
edonus  +   772d ago
It's so funny to see these comments.

You are trying to unjustify what I am saying by justifying what I am saying.

All of this stuff is rumor... So in that since none of the information counts.

And if you just want read in to rumors why leave out counter balancing rumors that explain the other rumors (unless you are just fanboying it up).

You guys never cease to amaze.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   772d ago
I agree with the writer too.

A high cost system, with no used game options, and a demand to be constantly online; is a very Dumb Move for either Sony or Microsoft to make.
-With one of these detriments they may be able to excel but with more than one...?

He also brought-up something that I haven't really thought about:

How do people expect Both Sony and Microsoft sales to surpass the WiiU's 1st 6 months sales, when:
-Both Systems will be cannibalizing the same audience?
-And share most of the same Ports ( Ports that will also be on previous systems PS360)?

>No hate to 720/PS4 but I think Sony and Microsoft fans need to continue to be vocal with what they are willing to put-up with.<
RFornillos4  +   772d ago
-Both Systems will be cannibalizing the same audience?
-And share most of the same Ports ( Ports that will also be on previous systems PS360)?

totally agree with you. my brother and i have been discussing this also, and one of the main issue we see with the way Sony and MS are designing their console to be virtually "PC's" in terms of architecture, power and specs, is the fact that they are basically as what you mentioned, "cannibalizing" the same audience. in the end, they'd have to rely on their exclusives to sell. naturally the main advantage is that we will have more multiplatform games.

as a gamer, your main choice will basically rely on which of the two will offer better exclusives, especially if both consoles offer relatively the same for 3rd party multiplats. i feel though that Sony will have the upperhand at this aspect.

the same holds for what you refer as "sharing ports". as of now, we're already seeing games that will be released for both PS3 and PS4, and most likely Xbox360 and Xbox720 (as in the case of Watch_Dogs), and the problem with that is they will be competing with themselves. naturally you'll get better graphics on the PS4/720, but if you're one of those who've just bought your PS3/360 recently and you have a family to feed, i don't think getting a new console is gonna be your priority.

finally, one aspect I'm seeing that will be detrimental to Sony and/or MS's decision is the non-backwards compatibility aspect and always-on (especially for MS). i also read an article about a rumor that MS will be releasing 2 versions of Durango. One is a $300 version (Xbox Mini) that will not have a disc drive, only an HDD, will require a subscription and will only handle digital downloads (this is most likely the always-on version). the other is a $500 version that will have a disc drive, will NOT require to be always-on, but is not backwards compatible.
edonus  +   772d ago
You got the one part wrong. The rumor is they will release 2 different durangos, one $500 the other $300 with subscription.(No specification on specs)

The xbox mini is an entirely different product. its basiaclly like Apple tv or a Roku and is said to be priced against those machines so it would be between $50 and $150. A secondary function of it would be to provide BC for the durango. Always online only refers to the function related to TV content and apps not games.

So basically xbox mini is something completely different from the durango. The only clear subscription fee even talked about is for the $300 durango. We dont even know what type of pricing model MS will use for on line services going forward.

I am expecting changes if sont keeps their mp free I can see MS adjusting to that as well or trying to add tons of value to XBL. This is the big question.
clintos59  +   772d ago
In the end exclusives is what will seperate these 2. Ppl who want tv shows & apps more then new exclusives & dont mind exclusive dlc and the same couple of exclusives year in & year out then u will go with 720. If u want the best all around gaming experience then the ps4 is the choice to go with. Thats why ps4 for me.
R_aVe_N  +   772d ago
The next Xbox has not even been announced so not really a need to have any doubts until it is actually announced. No point in even thinking about the Next Xbox until then. Once details are our out people can better judge what they are going to get. New consoles always work like this. You will have some games that will be for both new and old consoles, but with different features for those that are upgrading to the next gen. Basically I wouldn't even worry about anything until all the information is out of both systems. Myself I really don't care I am getting the PS4 that is just my system of choice. I usually get the others when there are enough games I want (exclusives) to justify the purchase.
GribbleGrunger  +   772d ago
'Sure, Nintendo needs to step the software end of the bargain, and they also have other issues they need to sort out as well, but their system is solid, and it is a lot of fun to use and play. I can deal with long load times and external hard drives, for the peace of mind that I can purchase a copy of a game and not have to pay extra for one of my kids to play it, and if my Internet is down, I’ll have something to do. So, it looks like Sony and Microsoft have some explaining to do, and Nintendo needs to capitalize on this opportunity.'

The author make mention of the fact that Nintendo doesn't have the games (yet) and they have 'other' issues, but then go on to say they have a solid system ... the author then talks about the long load times and the need for an external HDD. This is preceded and followed by the doubts the author has for the 720 and the PS4; doubts that are born out of a 'lack' of information.

I find that odd thinking to be honest and completely the opposite of how I would consider these arguments. I can't measure the Wiiu against the 720 or the PS4 because I have no concrete information; although we DO know how the PS4 is going to be focused. On the other hand I don't have to speculate on the Wiiu which, as the author says, has hardly any decent games, has issues that need resolving, long load times and a lack of storage space.

This isn't a scenario in which I would have doubts about next gen, it's a scenario in which I would doubt Nintendo's ability to compete. I'm not saying they can't, I'm just trying to get my head around the authors thinking
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scissor_runner  +   771d ago
I'm thinking the next ps and Xbox will need to be $300 to compete. The older systems are still selling because they are under or at that price now.

We are talking about console gaming sure it can compete because console gamers as a whole are cheap. The fact that I can get most of the games I wanted this gen on the ps3 at $20 shows how these gamers operate. Sure we will see cash rich gamer buy a lot of stuff yet that is not the norm.

Also many graphic whores will opt out for pcs to enjoy multiplatform games. Also it seems nintendo is only building a honey pot effect. They are gearing up for next winter/autumn.

Plus after this gen I think more people will wait on systems to prove what they can do. The added perk to that is you get to read about all the problems yet skip the lairs/skyrims of your system and get games used for $20.

Game play quality will have to get back to the snes/genisis era of gaming or even the ps2 era where people would pay $100 for one game.

Right now nintendo has the largest list of games that don't decline in value from last gen.
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NateCole  +   772d ago
Sony will allow used games and offline so Sony is in the clear. MS is remain to be seen but i suspect that they will follow Sony given the backlash.

The furute for both for the core gamers is still bright. The problem is see though is the younger generation getting hooked on mobile gaming and not decide to migrate to console gaming. Girls especially.
bigbadtoph  +   771d ago
Sony said that it'll allow used games, just not in what capacity. Will they require a key code to use?

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