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EA: "Gaming isn't mass market yet"

GI - CCO Richard Hilleman on the huge opportunity presented by connected TV, and why Apple may not win the front room. (Culture, EA)

snake_eater  +   876d ago
In other news, EA wins the worst company in America twice in a row.

Bunch of assholes
Septic  +   876d ago
Was that really necessary? Off-topic
Yodagamer  +   875d ago
Well it points out EA's out of touch nature (if this article is true). Gaming is bigger than alot of movies now days so It's as mass market as one can get. To say otherwise would be ignoring facts.
dcbronco  +   875d ago
Yoda gaming isn't mainstream yet. It will be in the future. It competes with movies in revenue because games cost so much. There are a few hundred million gamers. Probably 3 or 4 hundred million. Billions watch movies. A hit movie can sell 7 or 8 million dvds on the first day. Lots of movies do that each year. And that is US alone.

But as time goes on more and more people that played games when they were young will continue to play as they get older and games will be mainstream.
Septic  +   876d ago
Mass market or not, the gaming industry (monetarily at least) surpassed Hollywood a long time ago and the latter is considered mass-market is it not?

As far as 'merging the two experiences', if rumours about the 720 are true, we will see that happen a lot more next-gen.
Ducky  +   875d ago
... do we want it to become a mass market?
clearelite  +   875d ago
Probably not their definition of "mass market".
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imXify  +   875d ago
"The closest thing we've had to a mass market has been the social and mobile spaces. From my perspective, television is the mass market and we're the fringe"

And today EA laid off employees in Montreal because mostly because of this.
SilentNegotiator  +   875d ago

This is why EA is falling apart and is hated by gamers.
Heavenly King  +   875d ago
An "elitist" hobby can never be mass market.
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FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   875d ago
EA: "Gaming isn't mass market yet" so are tactics of trying to pull the sheet over gamers eyes... was a mistake.

They are not the sheep we thought they would be..

Consumers are embracing Micro Transaction and buying Broken games like SIM CITY...

The early review copies had assigned servers so they would not have any problems like they did on launch.. why SO they could Sell Garbage and get a pay day..
soljah  +   875d ago
think what he is saying is EA is all in with MS on next generation hardware and betting on them to win console wars
LAWSON72  +   875d ago
It is such a small market you got voted worst company in america beating huge companies like banks and stores.
Kalowest  +   875d ago
Kran  +   875d ago
He looks like Jesus in that picture ;D
talisker  +   875d ago
Mass market is vocoded autotune pop songs and fast food so it'd be just a good thing for games.
quantumofmalice  +   874d ago
He looks homeless

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