As Video Games Changed, So Too Did Mass Effect

Kotaku - Close your eyes and think back to it: It's fall of 2007. That's quite a while ago. Take your current age and subtract five. That's about how old you were. That's how long ago Mass Effect game out.

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da_2pacalypse2073d ago

ME1 is still the best ME IMO. Lots of replay value, and I still go back to play it once a year. I can't say the same about the others.

BiggCMan2073d ago

I always hear how ME2 improved the combat so much, it was amazing, it was perfect yada yada yada... It was well done, but I loved the combat in the first game way more. It didn't feel like every other shooter out there, IT GAVE YOU INFINITE AMMO!!! Seriously, what other games give you infinite ammo without cheating??

I adored the disc grenade idea, and I just LOVED the exploration with the Mako. Practically every negative people say about the first game, that was apparently improved with ME2...I disagree with. That's what's wrong with the gaming community, they can't handle different and unique, they need familiar and stale. ME2 had a great story, and the combat still worked, but it wasn't better.

Dude4202073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

I played the first ME on Xbox, although there were glaring flaws, I enjoyed the hell out of it, mainly because of the setting, the atmosphere, the music, the story, the list goes on.

IMO, the combat was a bit clunky, but all they had to improve on was the aiming, the inventory system, the handling of the mako and the horrendous mountains the mako had to go through for exploration. Oh and also some more variety on side missions. The sequel would have been better this way.

ME2 only improved on the missions, but the rest was a complete overhaul and I thought it changed for the worse. Although the aiming did improve, the combat just felt like another Gears of War.

coolbeans2073d ago

Same here. Although I thought certain changes in ME2 were for the better, ME1 was something else for it's time. Encapsulating a whole new sci-fi universe, exploration, music, etc. etc. The first ME book got me even more pumped for the game.

Summons752073d ago

Ugh stop defending poor greedy choices by the developers. They failed the franchise and now we all have to live with it. Kotaku go back to your pony fetish and making up horribly fake rumors