Japan: Final Fantasy to Guitar Hero

Tim Rogers of Next-Gen.Biz returns with an expansive Japanese column that encompasses Final Fantasy on WiiWare, Bandai Namco's lineup and Guitar Hero III's Japanese release.

"Nintendo's "Wii Ware" service is launching on March 25th here in Japan, and I remain turgidly skeptical.

On the one hand, Wii Ware can be described as Nintendo's "answer" to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. On the other hand, wasn't the Virtual Console already an "answer" to those things? All of the titles released by Japanese companies on Xbox Live Arcade in the first year of the 360's life were just ugly, blurred-up ports of vintage arcade games. Sony and Microsoft had every right to be jealous of the Virtual Console, at Nintendo's epic, awe-inspiring back-catalog of retro games. So why would Nintendo choose to release new bite-sized game?"

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