Eurogamer's first impressions: Spore Creatures

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that not all games are about guns or cars or zombies. It's refreshing when a producer doesn't bang on and on about the number of weapons or the individual polygon count of the hero's eyelashes or why the enemies have machetes for limbs. It's good when they say things like, "I mean, playing as a carrot is not ideal. But you can do it if you want."

That's coming from Jason Haber, producer on the DS version of Spore. It's being developed specially for the handheld by Maxis, and they're not pretending it'll have anything like the scope of the EA game. "We knew that trying to take the entirety of the gameplay might have been a little too difficult for the DS, and we wanted to nail one part of the game," explains Haber.

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