Chains of Olympus Dev Choses PS3 Over 360 - 'PS3 will win this generation'

God of War: Chains of Olympus studio head Didier Malenfant tells Next-Gen that PlayStation 3 is likely to be the victor in the current console race, but says the next hardware cycle could be much more interesting.

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decapitator3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

This pretty much confirms the rumor I heard about them working on the exclusive PS3 game. I heard they were working on Jak and Dexter whiles Naughty Dog worked on something else. Am thinking Uncharted Sequel.

Rikitatsu3725d ago

I can't imagine what they will do

Meus Resistance3725d ago

"I can't imagine what they will do"

Maybe another 4 hour game.

Rikitatsu3725d ago

i don't mind a 4 hour game filled with intensity and awesomeness, its better than giving us a 40 hour game filled with boredom and bugs ;)

HighDefinition3725d ago

your a _______(insert your own word)

novaIS3503725d ago

or a 4 hour game you can't finish because your xbox died 30 minutes in. Or a 4 hour game spread over 4 disks. Or a 3 hour game in which the last hour is an extra 4.99 off xbox live... but oh wait you bought the arcade unit so you can't even do that. Meus Resistance give it up, I've got your number.

emaddox843725d ago

Fitting a game as graphically intensive as GOWCOO on a handheld is quite a feat I would say. Imagine how much space all the textures, cgi movies, and scripted events/animations take up. It just goes to show that the UMD serves it's purpose in providing a cheap way to allow ample space for games to fit on, and I'm sure they used most of the capacity. The same game would be an hour long on the DS due to space limitations. So be pleased that you can enjoy a 4hr handheld game as jam packed as GOWCOO on the go.

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TriggerHappy3725d ago

Hmm, so how long before they become a second party studio ala Insomniac ?

decapitator3725d ago

Well they have been making games for Sony exclusively for a while now with the exception of Okami for wii which is a port from the PS2. So technically, they kinda are already under Sony, it just not official yet.

novaIS3503725d ago

They are working on a Wii game. I don't see them becoming a "2nd" party developer. Which really doesn't exist. You can't speak in the 2nd person. lol, but I get what you're saying.

Massacre3725d ago

Whiles these guys may have just gotten their selves tickets to be the new favorite devs of PS3 owners, they just made the hate list of 360 owners with this comment.

decapitator3725d ago

haha..Great Comment. You pretty much right.

ceedubya93725d ago

and this doesn't upset me one bit as I'll be playing their game (if its good) regardless. Actually, this would have been news to me if they actually said they chose the 360 instead. I mean really, did anyone expect anything different here?

novaIS3503725d ago

Wii owners are about to love them, they are definitely working on a wii game.

HarryEtTubMan3725d ago

iI havent heard one person say when we look a decade from now the PS3 will be in 3rd and the 360 will have kept this little 6 milloin lead that has been chipped away at for months now... WE dont even know lol... PS3 is closing the gap and soon... as in this holiday season... PS3 is going to outsell the 360 by alot. Next year and the next is domination time.(or is it already?? PS3 is winning everywhere in the world!!!! hahahahahah)

kewlkat0073725d ago

but what else is new...I have that game on my custom FW PSP. Plays great.

XBOX 3603725d ago

Come on man, you should buy the game.

I have plenty of games that I didn't purchase on my CW PSP too, but this game is just pure gold and everyone should buy a copy. GoW deserves it.

SUP3R3725d ago

I mean seriously?
A great game like God Of War you're not willing to thank the developers for by making a purchase?
Geez man even I have CFW and I'm still purchasing the game while I could have downloaded it a long time now.
This is why the game came 2nd on the sales charts and software sells like crap on the PSP.
At least Sony will learn from this mistake with the PSP2.

kewlkat0073725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

and I didn't buy it but you use Custom as well.

Kid as long as a certain "Hardware" presents a challenge Hackers will never stop. That's the thrill. You can't play innocent for one dev and pirate the others games.

As always "Developers don't BITE the HAND that FEEDS".

Me surprised..naaahh

3725d ago
kewlkat0073725d ago

" May Peace be with you as well"..

Scerick3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

You know that's the livelihood of many people you're messing with by downloading pirated copies of games right?

People like you make me sick.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3725d ago

Every opinion is bias that's why they call it an opinion. I can easily say Wii is going to win it's just an opinion. They're most likely saying this because of the hardware.

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