Manhunt 2 granted UK release

Rockstar's Manhunt 2 has finally been granted a UK release after a lengthy legal battle with the British Board of Film Classification.

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mccormack3719d ago

Is going to have a field day :)

Hellsvacancy3719d ago

All i gotta do now is buy an action replay cheat disc so i can remove the filters and see the full blood and gore, if it works that is...

Bebedora3719d ago

I've seen some vids of this game. That's a rather sick game right there.

tonsoffun3719d ago

Good. It was about time, how could they possibly not give this a classification, yet torture porn movies likw saw and the hostel are all the rage over here.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the game one bit, even the firs game was controversial and violent purely for the sake of being contraversial and violent. But I have to stand by my principles - the BBFC should never have the right to censor anything. Hell, I would have given it an R18 cert, but that is just me.

Erethond3719d ago

Poor UK.

In my opinion, this game sucks. Unlike the first manhunt, the killing doesn't seem necessary.