Mass Effect 2 confirmed for PC

BioWare is yet to reveal any solid info on the highly anticipated Mass Effect 2, but with the PC game due in May we quizzed BioWare senior manager Matt Atwood about the possibility of PC gamers getting hold of the sequel at the same time as console gamers.

"We haven't announced plans for timing on Mass Effect 2, period, so at this point we're not really ready to talk about it, but because we've got a really great PC fan base we think it's really important to deliver the PC experience as quickly as possible. Look for more news on that soon," stated Atwood during an interview with

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mighty_douche3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

MS sure make it difficult for me to find a reason to actually buy a 360.

Dark_Vendetta3748d ago

Thta's the tipical fanboy sentence that starts to annoy me. Better be happy it's coming to the PC and you can enjoy the game.
But pls don't reply because this will end in a long discussion

TheMART3748d ago

Maybe... Because there are still other exclusives, and those games that do come to the PC arrive late?

If you like to play Gears of War a year after the 360 got it, or Halo 2 that came after 2 to 3 years on the XBOX 1, whatever.

Another good reason, the 360 in Europe from today on costs 269 Euro. The best reason ever. Try to get a PC that runs the games for that amount of money, or even 3 or 4 times that amount of money.

ceedubya93748d ago

If there are games on it that you like, then you buy it. Pure and simple. Some games may also be on the PC, but everyone doens't have the setup/money to make sure they play those games at the best quality and setting. You just don't want a 360, and that's all there is to it.

solar3748d ago

that wasnt a fanboy statement u made. i feel the same way. the games ive wanted a 360 for are on/coming to PC. i still dont understand why ur a fanboy for that?

mighty_douche3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Yor correct, i dont want a 360 and that is exactly my point, I have a very high spec PC and all the best 360 games come to the PC sooner or later (and they're better), I'm sure there's plenty of people in my situation.

I know you guys are getting all high and mighty thinking that im bashing your console of choice, I'm not, I'm simply expressing how i feel. If the PS3's main exclusive's were available on PC i wouldn't own a PS3 either.

edit @ solar, thank you dude, seems you cant say anything anymore without being labelled a "fanboy" by one side or the other.

Gorgon3748d ago

I think some people here didn't get what Douche was trying to say. Its not a fanboyish position. I also have a nice gaming PC and when I wanted to buy a console I simply realized there was no point in going for the 360. The 360 is a great option if you wnat a substitute for the PC (I'm in fact waiting for the xbox 720 to retire from PC gaming) but if you have a good for gaming PC than the xbox is a lousy option. For gaming PC owners the only smart option is the PS3 beacuse you actually get real exclusives that you can't get anywhere else.

I don't think anything I said or Douche had anything to do fanboyism.

ceedubya93748d ago

Well, I didn't call you a fanboy. Just mostly stated the obvious....that you didn't want it. LOL. I know you aren't a fanboy, as you the majority of the time you seem pretty level-headed.

f4nb0i3748d ago

I agree douche, ignore the loser fanboyz.

mighty_douche3748d ago

I know you didnt bro, but some others did. Maybe i didnt explain my point well. Either way, i have nothing against the 360, i have zero brand loyalty to anyone, but im not going to buy something for the sake of it, i need reasons to buy something, and at the moment, the 360 doesnt have any (FOR ME).

ceedubya93748d ago

Just keep on gaming your way, my friend. All that matters.

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decapitator3748d ago

I will bite when it launches.

name3748d ago

And yet you seem okay with the rumor of playing MGS4 a year after the PS3 gets it? Weird..

wAtdaFck3748d ago

Tell me why I want a 360 again?

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